Lateral Canthopexy Hawaii


Standard eyelid surgery, Blepharoplasty, removes lower eyelid skin, and often muscle, which tends to drop the lower lid margin, further rounding the space between the upper and lower lids. To address this issue, newer techniques have been designed to avoid this rounding effect.

The term “Canthopexy” refers to the tightening or re-positioning of the Lateral Canthal tendon.  

This provides support to the lower eyelid in conjuntion with Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation/Blepharoplasty.  Overtightening or incorrect positioning of the lateral canthal tendon can distort the eyelid altering the shape.  

It is important for the surgeon to precisely place the lateral Canthal Tendon with the correct tension.

If you’re concerned about your lower eyelid area, contact Dr. Phan for a consultation.

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    Lateral CanthopexyLateral Canthopexy

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