The Lipoaugmentation Procedure

Fat From Liposuction Procedures now being used to naturally enlarge breasts. Breast Lipoaugmentation is being performed for the first time in Hawaii Dr. Bao Phan with Hawaii Plastic Surgery Associates is pleased to be the first plastic surgeons in Hawaii and among the first in the U.S. to perform the Breast Lipoaugmentation procedure.

We now have the ability to enhance a woman’s breasts naturally by removing unwanted fat from any part of their body through liposuction, and then we process and inject it carefully into their breasts to enlarge the volume, lift and improve the shape. The results are 100 percent natural breasts that not only look more like natural breasts but can feel just as natural as your own breasts,”
– Dr. Phan.

“We’ve been safely transferring fat to patient’s faces and buttocks for over a decade now, and liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world so it just makes good sense that we should also offer fat transfers to the breasts given that there are not a lot of available options for breast enlargement and implants do have disadvantages and risks, “ he adds. Patients also enjoy the added benefit of the body contouring that can be achieved by the liposuctioning of the fat for injection into the breasts. The procedure has been reported as less painful and quicker to recover from than breast augmentation with implants. Because the procedure utilizes living tissue and does not involve artificial implants, patients do not have to worry about having to remove or replace their implants because of rupture or infection problems, or hardening of their implants over time. Dr. Phan explains, “While breast lipoaugmentation does have it’s limitations and risks and may not be ideal for everyone, patients finally now have another option that is more natural than implants. Natural looking results are after all what we all want to achieve.”

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