We are very honored by our patient’s willingness to share their experiences at Hawaii Plastic Surgery Institute. It is with their very honest feedback that we continue to improve and seek ways in which to satisfy client needs and expectations.

Below are testimonials from patients that have undergone a variety of procedures:

You are listening to “Dr. Phantastic!” – Courtesy of actual patient S.M

Expectations Far EXCEEDED

Dr. Phan is Absolutely brilliant!! I honestly can’t say enough about how well my procedure went. Dr.Phan far exceeded all of my expectations in care and skill. I was very apprehensive about removing my 18yr old implants. I researched extensively before committing to a doctor and I am so so happy I went to Dr. Phan! I never dreamt the result would be this good. Choosing a great surgeon is key!! THANK YOU DR PHAN 🙂 !!


-Plucky72107, RealSelf, Aug 2020

Amazing Experience

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Phan and his assistant Amber. I had a breast implant removal with total capsulation and a breast lift. I am so happy I did the procedure. I live in Maui, and I went to Oahu for my surgery. I stayed at the Alamona hotel it was just a few minute Uber from the surgery center. After the surgery I went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning with very little pain. I just had the drains which I hid with a long sleeve shirt. I even felt like going to breakfast. I took Tylenol in the day and only one pain pill for 2 nights. After the 3rd day I just took Tylenol. I was so happy with my procedure. It’s been 10months since my surgery and my scars are fading. The surgery also helped the lines on my declotte. Dr. Phan skills are incredible. I would trust him with any work that I need to have done. He is not only an surgeon, but also an artist.

-Colleen, Google, July 2020.

Exceeded all my Expectations

Dr. Phan is seriously the best and has truly exceeded all my expectations I had going into getting a breast augmentation. I had been wanting to get the procedure done for a while, but had been holding off because I was very nervous about the actual surgery (never been under), the risks of the procedure, as well as choosing a surgeon that would give me the results I envisioned.  I had many questions and concerns to bring up during our consult., and Dr took his time to listen and answer every single one of them. He was also very up front and honest with me about making sure I understood the risks associated with a BA , which I really appreciated. I explained that I was looking for a very natural result, I didn’t want to look overdone or exaggerated in any way. I never felt like the consult. was rushed, and could really tell he cares about catering to his patients goals, as well as takes a great pride in his work.
When It was time for me to actually fly to Oahu and get the procedure done, I was incredibly nervous…..but after meeting with him the day before and having a tour of his beautiful office in the Hale Pawa’a building, it made me feel rest assured I was in very good hands. We were in between deciding on two implant sizes, and Dr told me he would be able to make the call on which size when I was under, so this made me nervous because I couldn’t make the decision for myself, it was up to him…….The morning of when I arrived to get ready for surgery, I was definitely freaking out on the inside…..my nurse who would be taking care of me was very nice and so was the anesthesiologist.
The procedure took about 2 1/2 hours, and when I was back up, Dr. told me he ended up going with the slightly bigger size because he thought it looked best. At the time I was a little freaked out when he told me this, because like I said I didn’t want to be too big or fake-looking at all……..
Now I am almost 9 weeks post-op and I cannot express how happy I am he made the decision he did!!! The implant size he chose is the PERFECT size that is totally proportionate to my figure. They aren’t even fully settled yet, but everyone I know tells me they look beautifully natural and that if they didn’t know me personally, they would have never of thought I had boob job!!! I am so pleased with my results so far and feel so much more confident in my body  🙂
I am so impressed with Dr Phan……he is incredibly talented and has an amazing aesthetic eye for what he does! He has met and exceeded all my expectations. I was definitely scared before the surgery and after during recovery, but he was very reassuring and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. If I ever needed anything I could text or call him directly and he got back to me very shortly to answer my questions…..
If your looking for a surgeon you can trust to really listen to your goals and help you achieve them, go see Dr Phan!!!

-Neriah T., Yelp, July 2020

Thank You Dr. Phan!

I had a wonderful experience with Dr Phan and his staff. From consultation to surgery I felt comfortable and confident. I am very happy with my results and after years of wanting surgery but never feeling 100% positive about going forward with the other surgeons that I had met with I am extremely happy that I waited until I met Dr Phan. Thank you!

-Shaney, RealSelf, July 2020

Thank You Dr. Phan!

I found Dr. Phan through google search. I looked at just about every plastic surgeon in Hawaii and liked what I saw on his website. Amber is sweet and helped me book my consultation. Dr. Phan was very thorough and honest about the procedure and made me feel very comfortable. I had the best recovery, and most importantly I love my new breasts!
-Japaela, Google, July 2020

I’m Happier Than Ever

Dr. Phan did an incredible job on my lip enhancement! It was fairly painless and looks great 2 days later and each day I’m happier than ever by the results. I highly recommend Dr. Phan for all cosmetic surgeries. The photos are astonishing to see folks in my age group look 20 years younger and very natural looking for face and neck lifts!

-Joie R., Yelp, July 2020

Great Experience

I had a great experience with Dr. Phan and Amber at Hawaii Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Phan’s many years of experience as well as his large online photo gallery are what attracted me to him. Upon consulting for my breast augmentation, he was very through and honest about the procedure. He made me feel very comfortable and confident in my decision. My new breasts are perfect and I’m very happy I chose to see Dr. Phan! I’m looking forward to seeing him in the future for other procedures!

-Jordan A., Yelp, July 2020

Only Dr. Phan for Me!

I recently decided to undergo plastic surgery and I am SO happy with the results and Dr. Phan! I originally had something else in mind, but Dr. Phan was forthright in his opinion I would not achieve the results I was looking for. I opted for a procedure he recommended instead and I’m SO glad I did! The results are amazing! Dr. Phan and his team never make you feel uncomfortable or judged. You can see that Dr. Phan cares about his patients as individuals. He has no problem answering any questions without making you feel he doesn’t have the time. I’m so thankful to have a plastic surgeon who is not only skilled at what he does, but works with integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Phan!
- RealSelf, March 2020

Results were very impressive

Dr. Phan took his time explaining all my options in regards to facial rejuvenation. We did a quick newtox treatment in the office and the results were very impressive. I have referred several friends already. He also did a great job explaining all options and had state of the art treatments available on the mainland and here.

- Gina N., Yelp, March 2020

SO happy

I am SO happy with my results and Dr. Phan! I wouldn’t go to anyone else!

-Stacey S., Yelp, March 2020

Highly Recommend!

I have always been self-conscious about having a concave chest, and after breastfeeding two children, I could hardly fill out most bikini tops. I turned 40 this year, and instead of going on a vacation or having a big celebration, I decided to do something just for me. Living on Maui, my options here are pretty limited. Being this was a major life decision, I conducted a lot of research and pretty much had my mind made up as to what type of implants, incision, and placement I thought would best benefit my lifestyle and body type. Several women I know have gone to a doctor here on Maui who has been practicing for decades. After my consultation with our veteran Maui plastic surgeon, I left feeling uneasy for several reasons. I had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Phan the same day and left feeling much better about my decision. Dr. Phan and I were on the same page about everything. He had all the right answers, understood my concerns, and I could tell he was extremely passionate about his work. Having the procedure in Oahu was appealing to me. I felt like I needed some time to myself to recover, without having to worry about being a mom and wife. Luckily, my mom lives in Oahu and she was able to help take care of me. My surgery was scheduled on Friday morning and I went back home to Maui on Sunday afternoon. Everything went smoothly and I was feeling great Saturday morning for my post-op appointment. My mom and I were able to spend some quality time together and I wasn’t laid up in bed at all. Dr. Phan and his crew are second to none. From pre-op to post-op, they really take care of you. The anesthesiologist helped me feel reassured and made me feel extremely comfortable. I had no side effects when I woke up. No nausea or anything. I was actually really hungry and wanted to eat. The facility is immaculate and located on the top floor of the building. The operating room is stunning with breathtaking views of the city. I am happy I decided to choose Dr. Phan for this procedure and would absolutely recommend him to anyone considering breast augmentation.

Anonymous, Vitals- Nov. 2019

Second to None!

Dr. Phan and his crew are second to none. From pre-op to post-op, they really take care of you. The facility is immaculate and located on the top floor of the building. The operating room is stunning with breathtaking views of the city. I am happy I decided to choose Dr. Phan for this procedure and would absolutely recommend him to anyone considering breast augmentation.

NM , Healthgrades- Nov. 2019

Very happy with the results

I had a neck lift and chemical peel and am very happy with the results.
I literally took decades thinking about it and finally deciding to have it done. Of course now, I wish I had done the neck lift at least 10 years sooner. I was raised not to be vain or spend money on frivolities such as face lifts. I primarily heard this when my paternal aunt had the same procedure 45 years ago. Well, guess what, I got the family neck and always felt self conscious about it. I hated pictures. I refused to do FaceTime. I have come to the conclusion that if you feel like you need it, you probably do. Don’t wait, just get it done. Now, I can’t wait to FaceTime. I am wearing necklaces to draw people’s eye to my beautiful neck.

I scheduled a consult because of the great reviews. I chose Dr Phan because he has his own accredited surgical suite. I did not want to go to a hospital or general use same day surgery because a big risk is infections from other patients. His obvious attention to detail gave me confidence to book the procedure. I also liked that there is a single packaged price without separate charges for the surgical suite or anesthesiologist. His staff is wonderful and his follow-up is excellent.

- Ginger H, Yelp, Nov. 2019

Absolute best surgeon in Hawaii!

Dr. Phan is the absolute best surgeon in Hawaii!  It’s worth traveling off Island to have THE BEST!  Intelligent, perfectionist, kind hearted, top notch.  Don’t bother looking elsewhere when it comes to your body and health, you deserve the best.

- Eden G, Yelp, June 2019

I look and feel better than I expected!

After years of fertility treatments with hormones leading to weight gains and losses and loose skin as well as newly developed discomfort from breast implants I got years ago, I decided to invest in myself. I had my implants removed and a tummy tuck with liposuction. I choose Dr. Phan because he was not only the highest-rated but because his demeanor and level of professionalism in answering all of my questions and concerns. I made my appointments and decision to work with Dr. Phan the first time I met with him. There was no pressure, no unrealistic expectations and everything was explained in a manner I could understand. He was kind and respectful and his staff reflected his professionalism. He encouraged me to look to his website and Instagram for examples of his work (which I did and was very inspired by). Pre-op I received all documentation in a timely manner. I was able to call or email with any questions and I received prompt or immediate responses. The day of, Dr. Phan dedicated his day to my procedure so I was not worried he would try to rush to fit in more patients after me. During the weeks of post-op, Dr. Phan was very gentle during my post-op exams and never rushed thru appointments or disregarded my concerns no matter how minute. I am now 5 weeks post op and I am so happy with my results. I have breasts that look great and are symmetrical (which was a concern of mine). I have a flat tummy and minimal scar line. I am able to walk, run, drive, eat and drink. I am enjoying the results of my investment. I look and feel better than I expected! I am so, so happy I chose Dr. Phan. There’s no one else I would recommend for incredible results thru cosmetic surgery.

-Y.Vladimir, Google, Sept. 2019

Excellent Care and Outcome

It has been two weeks since my surgery.
I am a 68 year old female (Haole – born and raised in Hawaii) in what I think would be considered very good physical shape. I exercise, eat a varied diet, drink in moderation and do my best to take good care of myself. My mother will enjoy her 100 birthday later this month, so I am determined to be in good shape since I believe longevity is in my genes!
I had a face lift 10 years ago with a doctor in San Francisco which I was extremely pleased with, but the last ten years have taken their toll on my face and skin, so I was inspired to find a doctor to help me revitalize my looks and give me that refreshed, awake, alert look once again. Since the doctor I had seen in SF had long since retired, I started my search. Dr. Phan’s name kept coming up! I talked to several doctors (Honolulu & SF) and found my consultation with Dr. Phan to be the most thorough and attentive to my desires while making his professional suggestions for the outcome I was seeking to be the best choice for me. Dr. Phan took the time to meet with me and my husband, to reassure my husband that his approach would be exactly what I (we) wanted (simply to age gracefully!) and to look like myself!!!, just refreshed.
Dr. Phan uses TIVA anesthesia. He is committed to using the best method and technicians available.
Dr. Phan and Amber were available to answer any question I had and checked on my progress by phone, email and text. I truly feel well cared for. My husband is beyond impressed!
Best of all, I love the work that Dr. Phan and his team did for me. Today marks two weeks since my surgery and moments ago I had a long time business associate ask me if I had just returned from vacation, since I looks so good.
I highly recommend Dr. Phan to anyone considering any type of Plastic Surgery!!
- MaileBetsy, RealSelf, Sept 2019


I had a breast lift (mastopexy) with Dr. Phan. I finally decided to go under the knife and so so happy I did! I think and rethink absolutely anything that I do a million times. I was so anxious to have just anyone do this procedure. I had been putting it off for awhile and I knew I wanted to have some form of augmentation to my breasts but was busy with kids and work and everything else that goes along with living a busy life. A little history – I always felt like my breasts were too large, I was a 34 double D in high school and after 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding and pumping for almost 4 years (I breast fed each baby exclusively for a little over a year), my breasts looked like two deflated stretched out bags. I’m also very athletic – I love running and hiking and working out and large breasts just get in the way! My breasts were really in a sad state! I swear they tripled in size every time I got pregnant! I wasn’t sure if I wanted implants along with a lift. I needed some expert advice. I started to look for and schedule different consults. I live in Hawaii and was not happy with the local surgeon on my Island that did the procedure I was looking for. He had terrible reviews, so I started searching elsewhere in Hawaii and found Dr. Phan in Oahu. He had excellent reviews and very happy patients. He also did consults on my Island. I made an appointment and met with him. I immediately knew he was an excellent Doctor after first meeting him. He was kind and intelligent. I could see his confidence and knowledge was top notch. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and explained to me that with a breast lift, he felt I wouldn’t need implants, especially if I was a runner. He felt I would have more than enough breast tissue to be happy with my post lift size. He never pushed any procedure on me and left the decision making totally up to me. He made sure all my questions were answered and concerns addressed. I met with him a few times before finally deciding to take the plunge. He’s incredible! And believe it or not, the whole process of traveling off Island to Oahu and having the procedure done and staying at a hotel post-op went incredibly smooth. We made it into a little staycation for the kids and they loved it. I had minimal to zero post-op pain, and I am healing well. I’m now about 3 months post op and I feel like I have my high school breasts back! I can’t begin to tell you how much of a confidence boost this has been and how happy I am! It really has changed my confidence level and how I feel about myself. I’m also so glad that I decided to not have implants placed, I love the natural breast, and all my clothing and cute bras fit me perfectly now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Phan for your excellent work and for not pushing me to have implants! Thank you for responding to every concern so quickly and kindly. Hawaii is so incredibly lucky to have a skilled and kind surgeon like you. If you are reading this and looking for the best surgeon for you, and have anxiety or fear of surgery, than Dr. Phan is the one for you! You won’t regret it!
Anonymous, Vitals, June 2019


I am a 48 year old female, who had 21 year old implants. The last few years I noticed my right breast starting to sag and become disproportion. I knew it was time to replace them. After extensive research, my husband and I made a appointment with Dr. Phan. He did a exam and informed me I had Capular Contraction due to scar tissue. I would also need a Bilateral mastopexies ( breast lift). We decided to perform the surgery in two stages. The first surgery Dr. Phan took the old implants that were above the muscle out. He had to create new pockets to support the new implants and removed scare tissue.
The 2nd surgery was my breast lift. My skin is thin which made the surgery a little complicated for Dr. Phan. It’s been 2 months since my surgery and my breast look amazing.
I also want to mention Dr. Phan’s staff. They are very professional and make you feel comfortable from the time you arrive until you leave. Dr. Phan is very good at following up with you during your recovery.
I highly recommend Dr. Phan if you are considering plastic surgery or any kind of maintenance to your body or face.
-Powerful7576, RealSelf, June 2019

Dr. Phan is the BEST!!!

Dr. Phan is the BEST!!! He doesn’t treat you as if you were just the next person in line he gets money from. He cares about his patients. You can tell he loves his job and is a perfectionist. He takes the time to explain everything down to the smallest detail so that you feel comfortable with your decision. The rest of the staff there are fantastic as well. You won’t regret going there.

- Tommy Robinson, Facebook, 2019

“Dr. Phan is the best!”

After years of contemplation I finally decided to get a blepharoplasty and breast augmentation. When I decided to get both surgeries done, I did an extensive research online for doctors with a good reputation. Dr. Phan had the best reviews so I emailed them and Amber called me back right away to set up an appointment. They are always willing to work around your schedule which is convenient. Amber is kind and welcoming and makes you feel at ease. Dr. Phan is professional and knowledgable; I was more worried about the blepharoplasty since I’ve heard horror stories over the years but I felt comfortable in Dr. Phan’s hands. I had a medical emergency on the day of my surgeries and had to cancel at the last possible minute. I felt awful about it but Dr. Phan and Amber were very forgiving and empathetic. They worked around my medical problems and squeezed me into their schedule when I was ready. A few weeks later my eyes look wonderful! I wish I had the blepharoplasty done years ago! My breast augmentation went very well and look amazing as well! For anybody who is hesitant about getting any cosmetic surgery done, call and get a consultation. You will walk out more excited than reluctant about it.
Anonymous, Vitals & Healthgrades, May 2019

Loving my Results!!

Dr. Phan is an absolutely amazing doctor. He made me feel so comfortable and confident from the first day during a consulation! He is thorough and really explains everything very well!! Pre surgery and after surgery he is always there when you need him! His staff is awesome! They are super friendly and helpful…especially amber! I am in love with my new boobs he gave me! No need to see any other plastic surgeon! Dr Phan is all you need!!! The best!!!  

- Jessica, RealSelf, March 2019

Look No More Dr.Phan is the BEST!

If your looking for a Surgeon that cares and most important honest. Look no more, Dr. Phan is the BEST. First he help me with laser hair removal, and on too my breast augmentation that I wanted for so long. I couldn’t be more happy with my results. Thank you so much Dr. Phan and wonderful staff for helping me achieve my confident self.

- Kosakoda, RealSelf, March 2019

Dr Phan is an Artist

Dr. Phan is not just a plastic surgeon, he is an Artist. He replaced my ruptured saline implant with the new Ideal Saline implant. During surgery Dr. Phan needed to remove my scarred tissue and also fix my existing pocket that holds the implant as the prior surgeon cut it crooked. His attention to detail shows in his work and I am glad he is a perfectionist. I’m so happy and could not be more pleased with the results of my surgery. Scarring is minimal to none, recovery was excellent my breasts are symmetrical and I was back to work within a week. Thank you, Dr. Phan, staff (Amber, Shay) and Ed, (CRNA) for the follow up call to see how my recovery was going. Dr. Phan was also available by phone (text/call) 24/7 after my surgery to answer all my questions and concerns. Dr. Phan is a caring, knowledgeable and skilled surgeon. I am lucky, blessed and honored to be his patient and I hope he is around to do another breast augmentation in the next 8-10 years!

JYFM, RealSelf, Jan 2019

Plastic Surgeon Master!!!!!!

After years of gaining and losing weight, I finally got down to an ideal weight leaving a lot of excess skin on my midriff and stomach. I planned on having abdominoplasty surgery for a few years and then life brought me to Hawaii. I am so fortunate that I waited and was able to get in touch with Dr. Phan. After looking through his gallery, I knew that I wanted Dr. Phan to do the surgery. I was very impressed that Dr. Phan has FREE consultations with no expectations of him doing the surgery. Dr. Phan knew exactly what needed to be done and explained everything in a manner that I could understand. Dr. Phan and his staff are phenomenal! The care given me, I felt like I was his only patient. Every question, phone call, and email was answered within minutes. The procedure results far exceeded my expectations!! Thank you Dr. Phan for making my Hawaii dreams come true!

- sheriann51, RealSelf, October 2018

Amazing Plastic Surgeon

Ever since my third pregnancy I have been dreaming of having abdominalplasty surgery to repair the excess skin and abs, I had a long time to carefully research for the best surgeon, living in Hawaii I never thought that I would find a surgeon in Honolulu, in addition to being skilled and have an excellent plastic surgeon background, Dr. Phan uses the most advanced technology. I was truly impressed with Dr. Phan since my initial consultation, he patiently explained my options and expectations. Dr. Phan staff was helpful and friendly. The post surgical Pain management that Dr. Phan uses is a technology that reduces the use of opioids, and increases the healing period. I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with the results, amazing Plastic Surgery, thank you Dr. Phan

- Joan Petty, RealSelf, October 2018

Highly Recommend Dr. Phan for Amazing Results!

Dr. Phan is an exceptional doctor and I could not be more pleased with the results of my surgery. I recently had breast augmentation revision surgery to replace 11-year-old saline implants that were malpositioned. During my initial consultation, Dr. Phan spent an hour with me listening to what I hoped to achieve with the surgery and going over in detail what options were available to me. He is incredibly knowledgeable and I immediately knew I was in good hands and had found an experienced doctor I could trust. The entire process from scheduling the surgery to the surgery itself was a breeze. One of the most surprising things for me was the recovery process. I have had my share of surgeries and the recovery phase has not always been the most pleasant experience. This surgery was completely different. I immediately felt like myself again. I had no grogginess, no nausea, no loss of appetite, and I was able to manage my pain (which was really very minimal) with just Tylenol; not requiring any of the stronger narcotics I had been prescribed. Dr.Phan’s use of the Total IV Anesthesia (TIVA) really does make a difference in the recovery process. Another plus is that Dr. Phan makes himself completely available to you throughout the process. He provided my husband and I with his cell phone number after surgery if we had any questions/concerns and he made a point to see us in his office on Saturday before we flew back to Kauai. Also, because Dr. Phan has an office on Kauai, the convenience of being able to see him for your initial consult and pre- and post-op appointments on island is a huge plus. His office in Kauai and his office/surgical suite on Oahu is immaculate. Dr. Phan takes pride in his work and he is a true artist who I highly recommend to anyone considering breast augmentation surgery. You will not be disappointed! In addition, his front office staff (Amber and Asia) were amazing and provided exceptional customer service throughout the entire process.
- timon708, RealSelf, October 2018

PHAN- tastic!

I just love my face and neck lift done by Dr Phan. I healed so quickly with no scaring. A few other friends had mini lifts and they looked younger and PHAN-tastic. Dr Phan is very aloha and does beautiful work. Great with fat injections, laser, and fillers also! I think Dr Phan is our Kauai hidden jewel, professional and honest. Dr Phan is PHAN-omental

- Anonymous, Healthgrades, Oct. 2018

Amazing Plastic Surgeon

Ever since my third pregnancy I have been dreaming of having  abdominalplasty surgery to repair the excess skin and abs, I had a long time to carefully research for the best surgeon, living in Hawaii I never thought that I would find a surgeon in Honolulu, in addition to being skilled and having excellent plastic surgeon background Dr. Phan uses the most advanced technology. I was truly impressed with Dr. Phan since my initial consultation, he patiently explained my options and expectations.
Dr. Phan staff was helpful and friendly .
The postsurgical pain management that Dr. Phan uses is a technology that reduces the use of opioids, and increases the healing period .  
I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with the results, amazing plastic surgeon, thank you Dr. Phan

- Joan P., Yelp, October 2018


In the past two years I have had facial fillers administered by Dr. Phan, always with care and accuracy and a highly artistic eye. Two weeks ago he performed a mini lift on me and today I look 20 years younger! The outcome is better than I could hoped for. Absolutely amazing work! I would highly recommend Dr. Phan to all.

- RM, Vitals, September 2018

Awesome Experience

Dr Phan what can I say he performed magic. He answered all my question and made sure I understood what to expect. I had a face lift, eyelids, neck, fat transfer to lips and face also a deep chemical peel. I was happy to be asleep for that part. Dr. Phan made sure I was comfortable during and after surgery it’s been 3 weeks and I look awesome. I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen in the next few weeks. Dr. Phan explained everything in detail, what I could expect and what not to expect. I wanted to look natural not fake, he came through. I would highly recommend him and only him if you want to have any work done. His Staff is awesome Amber always answers the phone with a smile. The whole staff make you feel welcome. 
You can be sure you’re in good hands with Dr. Phan.
-Impressive, RealSelf, August 2018

Top notch, highly skilled miracle worker

Dr. Bao Phan is top notch. He is highly skilled and I say a miracle worker, and has a wonderful way with his patients (at least with me. I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t with anyone else). I had a tummy tuck done with Dr. Phan in March 2018. He exceeded my expectations and the time he took to complete the surgery tells me that he himself expects nothing but the best. I want to let everyone know that Dr. Phan also inserts a pain pump so that when I went home to recover I was not in any pain at all. This was such an easy recovery and painless, not all Dr.’s send you home with an attached pain pump that distributes numbing agent to your abdomen. It was pain free. I’ve reviewed Dr. Phan’s facilities and staff before. But I’ll repeat here that no one could have improved upon their ability or level of care. That goes for each and every person on the staff. I will be having additional procedures at Dr Phan’s facility in the future and I am as confident as I can be about the experience and the outcome. I’m able to wear and look good in fashions that I wouldn’t dare touch before. Lower size, too! All in all I am much more confident in my presentation. Dr. Phan seriously is a perfectionist and so meticulous in his work! I now have the formation of abs and I know that is all to do with his repair of my muscles and the corset stitching technique that he uses! 

- T.C., Google, August 2018


I had my breast augmentation redone by Dr. Phan. He and his staff are phenomenal. They were there every step of the way. The way they took their time answering my questions very patiently and detailed made me very comfortable. Dr. Phan spent almost 2 hours with me during my initial consultation and then called me after I emailed him with a few other questions that I had. Amber is also very responsive to my calls and emails. The night before my procedure the anesthesiologist called me to go over any questions I had. On the day of the procedure everyone made me and my boyfriend extremely comfortable. His nurse was there to dry my tears when I got nervous. From the front staff to the back, they are all so amazing 
Going in I was afraid due to the bad experience I had with the original surgeon. My results are amazing and getting better every day. 
I highly recommend Dr. Phan and would go back to him in a heartbeat!

-H.L., Yelp, Aug. 2018

Highly Recommend

I chose Dr. Phan to perform my surgery after consulting with several other surgeons in town, and I’m so glad I did. The results were just what I was hoping for.
With the initial (free) consultation, he spent over an hour explaining every detail of what he recommended for me and why. I had 2 more visits prior to my procedure to ask more questions. I never felt rushed and was entirely comfortable after his explanations.
His superb training, experience, and board certification were also important factors in my decision.
His office and operating room are immaculate. I had very tolerable pain after my abdominoplasty, because he inserts a pain pump at the time of the procedure. This delivers non-narcotic pain medication, minimizing the need for opioid medications after the surgery.
I was pleased he offers total IV sedation rather then general anesthesia. This reduces the risks associated with anesthesia.
He was very attentive after the surgery, communicating with me daily, even when he was not on island.
In all, I felt completely cared for from beginning to end. Not only by Dr. Phan, but also by his incredibly friendly and helpful office staff (particularly Amber).
Dr. Phan is a highly skilled, detail-oriented, and caring surgeon. Hawaii is so lucky to have him!
- 808Plumeria, RealSelf and Yelp, July 2018

Amazing Results

It was very good. He is very informative. There are different options he presents that you may be a candidate for.
Dr. Phan is an artist at work. He has had years of experience and you will learn that on your free consultation. He has worked on the two other islands for those many years. He is quite vested in his clinic. In fact, he has the only “Infini” machine in the islands.
He is a very rare physician who uses your own fat as fillers which last for 10 years! That is possible depending on the procedures you are a candidate for. It is less expensive and last much longer than those chemical fillers.
I had just finished my post-op review. I saw my pre and post pictures. They were amazing.
His staff in very kind and patient with the many questions you may have. The surgical staff is proficient and professional.
I took years to find this doctor because I saw his wonderful work on a very close friend on the island of Maui. He only has recently moved to Oahu, the last few years. He was partnered with another doctor which made it difficult to find Dr. Phan.
I’m glad a waited and finally was able to find him!
- danceheaven- Google, RealSelf, Vitals, Health grades, June 2018


I chose Dr. Phan to do my BA since many of my friends had their BA’s done by him.  They had great experiences and results with him and after meeting with him for my consultation, I knew that I could trust him to give me the best results possible.  Dr. Phan and his office manager Amber made themselves available anytime I had questions or concerns.  I never felt pressured after the consultation to schedule the surgery…I felt like I could take my time to do more research and decide on the right type of implant for me.  Dr. Phan only does surgeries on Oahu and living on another island, I knew I was going to have to plan a commute. Going into the consultation, I wanted IDEAL saline implants but after feeling all the different implants and Dr. Phan explaining pros and cons of all of them, I was torn between the anatomical “gummy bear” and the IDEAL.  Once I decided on the gummy bear implants and got my time off approved, I scheduled my surgery.  I decided on the gummy bear implants because I liked the natural look and feel and Dr. Phan has a lot of experience with the textured implant.  

We arrived on Oahu the night before my surgery.  We stayed at a hotel in Waikiki which was 10 minutes away from Dr. Phan’s office.

The morning of surgery (Wednesday), everything happened pretty quickly.  The nurse came and brought me in the back and from there I changed, they ran a pregnancy test, once they got the results, the anesthetist Ed came by to put the IV in.  He was really good, I didn’t make it easy for him as my veins were hard to find.  Dr. Phan was there to talk me through what was going on and I liked that.  Once Ed got the IV in and they were ready for me, I walked over to the OR room and about a minute later I was out.  Waking up, Dr. Phan was right there and was explaining what happened.  He said we ended up going with the 370cc implant (we were in between 325 and 370) so I was happy.  My bf came to pick me up and the nurse wheeled me down to the car.  My bf mentioned that he was impressed with the fact that Dr. Phan was the one that called him to notify him that I was out of surgery.  I guess he expected a call from the office staff.

The next morning (Thursday) we went back and Dr. Phan went over some post-op care and also asked how I did yesterday.  I survived only on Tylenol Wednesday night butThursday night I needed to take the pain meds Dr. Phan prescribed me.  We went back on Friday since Dr. Phan wanted to see me before we flew home on Saturday.  Fridayafternoon I was able to walk to get lunch from somewhere near our hotel and that night I was able to go out to dinner.  Very little nausea on Thursday and Friday, no vomiting at all.  Zofran and ginger ale helped.  Saturday afternoon we flew home, of course I couldn’t lift anything heavy but I was fine to fly home.  

I’m currently 4 weeks post-op and love my results!  Dr. Phan has exceeded my expectations (and they are very high) and my boobs will just keep getting better and better every day.  

If you’re thinking about getting a BA, call for a free consult with Dr. Phan.  If you live on Kauai or Maui, it’s not difficult to go to Oahu for the surgery.  If you can afford the extra expense to spend a weekend on Oahu for the surgery, do it!  All your pre-op/post-op can be done at home.  He is very hands on through the whole process and this is a journey so you want someone that you can trust along for the ride.  He answers emails promptly and he gives you his cell # to call with any questions.  I’ve read/watched others share their experiences and during post-op appts, they don’t even see their surgeon, they see nurses or assistants.  I personally don’t like that, not that I don’t think nurses are capable, it’s just that I chose the surgeon for the surgeon, not for the nurses.  

Dr. Phan will be there with you every step of the way.  I am so glad I chose him to do my BA!  If I decide to get any other work done, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.  Thank you, Dr. Phan!!

-Mkhi808 M., Yelp, May 2018


Dr. Phan is an amazing surgeon! I’m personally not a patient YET but I was able to be with my girlfriend who got a breast augmentation with him in Oahu. We flew up from Maui for her surgery and from beginning to end he was very personable. He kept in contact with both her and I, checking on her constantly along with always being available for questions and concerns after the surgery. This eased the stress of taking care of my girlfriend post surgery just knowing no matter what concern I had I could always call him. His OR and office is very clean and organized and his staff was amazing and friendly as well. Dr. Phan was able to answer any questions we had and made us very comfortable in everything. I would highly recommend Dr.Phan to anyone and plan to see him myself in the future.

-Anonymous, Vitals, May 2018


Dr. Bao Phan is an amazing Dr. who takes the time and does meticulous work! I would not just trust anyone to do what he did for me! He is a perfectionist and the quality of care I received from him and his staff was superb! I recommend him for anyone interested in future surgery and who may be worried about the outcome! There is no better Dr. in the state of Hawai’i . He performed a tummy tuck and arm lift and did such an excellent job! My recovery was so easy!

- Ms. T Carvalho, Vitals/ Healthgrades, May 2018


I have been seeing Dr. Phan for a few months now, and every experience from the first visit until now has been nothing short of amazing. Dr. Phan himself is extremely professional as well as knowledgeable, and will give you his honest opinion of what he thinks you may need/not need done. This is a fine balance, between listening to what the patient wants and the plastic surgeon’s expert opinion. Dr. Phan has mastered balance, leaving me a happy customer with my needs always full-filled. He has gone above and beyond for me as a patient, checking up on me personally after treatment, suggesting new products, ordering something for me if I request it. I doubt i will ever need to find another plastic surgeon on the island. Also, HIS STAFF IS AMAZING. I think many plastic surgeons underestimate the power of a kind and well trained staff. They are the first people you come into contact with upon an appointment, and how the staff treats you can truly make or break your experience, as we all know getting “work done” can at times be uncomfortable. His staff has scheduled appointments for me with ease, have ALWAYS made be feel completely comfortable, and genuinely seem like they are concerned for your well being. Seriously, they are the best!!

- Icuevas, RealSelf, Vitals, May 2018

Amazing Doctor and Incredible Staff

Doctor Phan is truly one of Hawaii’s best! I recently had a breast augmentation with him is his beautiful accredited OR in Oahu. I flew over from Maui to have my surgery and stay, per his suggestion, an extra few days. From first meeting Doctor Phan, he was incredibly informative and answered all of my questions in my pre-op, some before I could even ask them. He told me the pro’s AND con’s and made everything very clear for me. It was obvious that he was going to be a very attentive Doctor and I immediately felt that I could trust him. Before, during and after my surgery, Doctor Phan was easily accessible if i had ANY questions and responded quickly. Doctor Phan and his staff were very professional and also relatable. His receptionists (Amber and Grace) were equally amazing and made me feel like a friend not just a client. I can’t say enough good things about my experience and will recommend Doctor Phan to anyone in search of a Doctor in the state!

- Brandy, Real Self, Google, Facebook and Vitals. April 2018

Best surgeon ever!!!!

I highly recommend Dr. Phan. When considering my breast reduction, I did a lot of research to find the perfect doctor. I felt comfortable and at peace the first time I met him. He answered all of my questions in ways that I could understand. My surgery was a success and I have not felt this great about myself in years. I am only 8 weeks post-op and my results are unbelievable. Most of the scar from incisions are barely even visible. He did amazing work. They are even and beautiful. I was even able to wear a cute bikini top 4 weeks after. I will definitely be returning in the future for more procedures.

drdet1980, RealSelf, April 2018

My Results are so Amazing

After waiting one year because I was nervous I finally told myself That I’m just going to get this done. So I went in on Feb 2018 and scheduled my surgery date for March 2018 and I’m so glad that I did it. Dr Phan and his staff is the best!!They all took good care of me and My results are so amazing.

GSTwins, RealSelf, April 2018

I am so glad I decided to trust Dr. Phan

I am so glad I decided to trust Dr. Phan with my breast augmentation. From the initial consultation I could tell he was a perfectionist when it came to his work. I never once felt uncomfortable, he was extremely professional. I had gone to other surgeons for consultations, but Dr. Phan was the only one who took the time to listen to my concerns and inform me of every option available. One of my reasons for wanting a breast augmentation was my severe asymmetry in breast size and he was the only surgeon I had a consultation with that noticed and had a plan to fix it. When surgery day came, I was extremely nervous, but his team made me feel at ease and were also very helpful anytime I called prior to the surgery. I live on the island of Kauai, and since he has an office here it made the whole process of pre-op and post-op appointments so much easier and affordable. I am now 5 ½ weeks post-op and I LOVE my results. My recovery process went very well thanks to Dr. Phans instructions. Anytime I had a question or concern, I was able to text him and get a reply very fast. I could not recommend Dr. Phan and his team enough!

- NT, RealSelf, Feb. 2018

“Dr.Phan gave me the results I wanted! He listened”

Dr.Phan gave me the results I wanted! He listened to what I wanted and delivered! When I first went into the consultation he went over everything to make sure I understood the procedure. He explained to me the way he did his procedures and I felt very comfortable with his dicision making. What I loved was that I did not feel pressured into picking him to do my procedure. I made sure to ask the very important question that every person should ask their surgeon.. “Do you have hospital privileges?” Without a hesitation he answered my question and thanked me for it. Definitely give him 5 stars! I’ve recommended all my friends and family that have asked! His staff was very friendly and helpful too! And if I had a question or concern he would email me asap, even on the weekends!

gs2018, RealSelf, February 2018

“I am absolutely stoked on the procedure”

I am absolutely stoked on the procedure. I was treated so kindly by the staff and Dr. Phan and the outcome is amazing! I get compliments on them all the time. Super informative super honest and has a amazing eye! My breasts look amazing and fit my body perfectly! I was a 34 b and sagging from breast feeding I put in 550 on left and 575 in right and they look so natural. Definitely recommend Dr. Phan!

michikauai, RealSelf, February 2018


I am very pleased with Dr. Phan and his staff They are very professional and friendly! His office is very beautiful and very clean! You don’t need to go to the hospital since everything is at the facility. I chose Dr. Phan because he takes pride in his work, very experienced, great results, and less recovery time!

- 808sjak, RealSelf, January 2018


I am excited to share my experience with the new INFINI Microneedle Fractional RF procedure administered by Dr. Phan to treat the loose skin on my neck and jowl area. Wow what an experience, I am thrilled with the results and it’s only been about 4 days! The main part of the treatment took perhaps 45 minutes and with just a numbing system. The pain level was on the medium side and was not a problem especially keeping the end result in mind. Afterwards the area was red and a bit tender but that’s it. I went on to go shopping right afterwards. The next day there was a tiny bit of swelling that only I could notice and the redness had disappeared by 50%, I put on some sunscreen and makeup to cover up the redness that was left. Now it is day 4 and I can really see results!! The neck area is tighter and less crepy, the redness is completely gone and it makes a difference in my whole look – I am so happy! This treatment is a great alternative to surgery and I’m planning an annual treatment now to keep my neck looking good. Its so easy, no downtime and yet HUGE results. I have had other treatments with Dr. Phan which were fantastic, but specific treatments for the neck area were always the missing piece to the total look. They say you can tell a womans age by her neck – well not anymore with this new INFINI microneedling treatment with Dr. Phan. BTW If you have never met Dr. Phan he is a skilled and talented doctor with sincere care for his patients. He is Board Certified, a man of character and his goal is to make his patients look great. I trust him 100%.
- stephanie808, RealSelf/ Vitals/ Healthgrades, December 2017


I met with 7 different doctors before I chose to have my procedure done by Dr Phan. I couldn’t have picked a better surgeon! He is very professional and honest. He patiently explains all the surgical options and makes you feel very comfortable. I felt safe the second I walked into his clinic, and knew I could trust him blind. My results are amazing, I couldn’t be happier!
- Zoe O, RealSelf & Vitals, December 2017

By far the best Plastic surgeon on island! 

I couldn’t have picked a better surgeon! I’ve had my fare share of consults but it never felt right. That is until I found Dr. Phan! Dr Phan and his staff are absolutely amazing! From the moment I walked into his office I knew I found the perfect surgeon! Being in the medical field I knew every part of the puzzle had to fit in order to achieve the best result not only aesthetically but surgically. Just because a doctor claims he’s a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean he’s a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON! With that being said PLEASE do your research! Make sure the facility/ anesthesiologist are certified. It may seem like it’s a given but I found 1 that definitely wasn’t certified which was referred in his price. I had a mommy makeover which in my case included a full tummy tuck and liposuction. To be honest I was prepared for a lot of pain/discomfort but to my surprise I didn’t have any! Dr Phans use of a pain pump eliminated the use of oral pain meds. I pretty much took over the counter Tylenol for my discomfort. One thing I truly appreciated was Docs honesty as it set the tone for realistic expectations. Being 35 yrs old and 185lbs(prior to surgery) I knew a tummy tuck and lipo wasn’t going to fix my abdominal area 100% but all I wanted was for that area to be more functional. With the help of Dr Phan I definitely exceeded my goal! He removed 6lbs from my tummy and 4 from my hips!! Now I’m only 10lbs from my ideal weight!! I can’t believe how amazing everything looks!

- mari1815, RealSelf, Yelp, Vitals, Healthgrades- November 2017

Wonderful results!

I had breast augmentation with another plastic surgeon years ago and started feeling pain in one of my breasts. After a consult with Dr. Phan I was found to have capsular contracture which was, at that time, causing some pain. Dr. Phan explained my options and was very quick to answer several phone calls, emails and text messages about questions I had. I completed my procedure with the Ideal implant at his wonderful facility on Oahu. He and his staff are very compassionate and always ready to assist in whatever questions one might have. I am so very happy with my results and highly recommend Dr. Phan!!

 oldmama63, RealSelf  November 2017

I had an amazing experience

I just recently had my Brest augmentation done with Dr. Phan. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly Dr. Phan responds to you by phone or text. He was there for me every step of the way. I had my consultation and was able to schedule my operation at ease with his amazing staffing! The new office in Honolulu is very personable making you feel welcomed and the building is really nice. I love my results and I will continue to recommend Dr. Phan to all my friends and family.


- lilibella-  RealSelf, Oct. 2017


I got breast implants when I turned 18. Over the past 22 years they didn’t give me any major problems and thankfully I was able to breast feed my children, but they never really felt quite right to me and I often wished I had never gotten them. When I turned 40 and had my first mammogram it really brought my attention to the age of my implants and the need for their removal. I knew it is common for women to remove old implants and replace them with new implants but I really didn’t like the idea of putting new implants in. I surf, teach yoga and play guitar and the foreign objects on my chest often felt in the way. They even felt in the way when I hugged my kids close to my heart.  I just wanted to be all natural again and I am so grateful that I found a highly skilled doctor who took good care of me. Thanks to Dr. Phan’s intuition, surgical skill, advanced techniques and compassionate post-operative care I am feeling better than ever, and I am very happy with the look and feel of my natural breasts. I consulted with six plastic surgeons before I met with Dr. Phan. He was the only doctor that offered to do implant removal, complete removal of the scar capsules that surrounded the implants, and a breast lift at the same time. That seemed like the best plan for my situation. Several doctors I saw said removing the scar tissue was unnecessary. I understand that it makes the surgery more complicated and carries more risks, but because my implants were so old, there was a good possibility that they were leaking silicone into the scar capsule. I really felt like it would be better for my health in the long run if I found a doctor skilled in capsule removal. I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Phan. He is on the most recent list of Honolulu Magazine’s Top Doctors in Hawaii, he has an impressive collection of before and after photos, and he has a state of the art surgical facility where he performs surgeries with a board-certified anesthesiologist under IV sedation rather than general anesthesia. My surgery went well and I woke up without any pain or nausea. I never took a single pain pill! The day after the surgery Dr. Phan showed me my implants and scar capsules and it turned out they were indeed leaking and there was silicone inside the scar capsule, so I’m really relieved that he got that out of my body. He was also always there for me during my post operative healing period. He is unbelievably responsive with phone calls and text messages and his staff is very kind and helpful. I am exactly one month post-op and I feel completely recovered. I went surfing for the first time today since my surgery and I felt so light and balanced without the implants. I even felt confident in my bikini top because Dr. Phan did such a good job lifting my natural breast tissue back into a nice shape.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.


  Aukea- Google, Yelp, Vitals and RealSelf, Sept 2017

I Couldn’t Be Happier!

When I was searching for a plastic surgeon I wasn’t looking for someone to hold my hand through a potentially scary experience, but for a doctor that I could trust to deliver expert results. I was not disappointed. Dr. Phan’s professional manner and care are exemplary, he gracefully accommodated my schedule and made himself entirely available, but what really defines him is the beauty of his work and his eye for aesthetic adjustments. He marries the science and art of his craft perfectly. I couldn’t be happier to have trusted him to perform the work that came out so beautifully.


Pancake19- RealSelf, Vitals, Healthgrades- August 2017

Excellent, responsive doctor

Dr. Phan is an excellent and conscientious surgeon. It’s clear he wants a good result as much as the patient. His staff are all attentive and unpretentious, which is refreshing. I had a lovely result from a BA with him, and I would use him again if needed. The speed at which he responds to questions is remarkable and a testament to his commitment to his patients.
5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
- Brettashley, July 2016, RealSelf review

AMAZING is an understatement

I’ve always been interested in getting a breast augmentation, but never had the courage to do so. Until a few years ago, I started researching doctors. Many of my friends have gotten breast implants, but they went through very commercialized doctors. To be honest, I wasn’t fond of the way some of theirs looked either. I knew I had to find the perfect one. Through realself, I researched doctors and came across Dr. Phan. He had many good reviews, and that’s when I started to research his website and everything else online. I noticed compared to other doctors, he consistently updated his website and posted recent photos, which I greatly appreciated. I knew he cared about sharing his photos to potential patients, and he basically had nothing to hide. I loved all the photos, and although he wasn’t really “known” in Honolulu, I knew I had to go to him first for a consultation, if I ever were to get one. I got a free consultation, and after that initial contact with him, I knew he was the doctor for me! I’m very critical, and I can tell when people (even doctors) are just trying to make a sale, versus actually are concerned about a patients well being. Dr. Phan answered ALL of my questions, and he was so knowledgable in this topic. Prior to this consultation, I already did all my research and also researched Dr. Phan himself. Not only did he answer my questions, but he deepened my knowledge in what I already discovered on my own. He educated me with the different implants, let me feel them, and overall I Just felt so comfortable.. I never thought this would be possible since I basically had to show my biggest insecurity to a stranger. He made me feel safe, and he never forced me to make a decision there. He actually encouraged me to see other doctors, and from that moment on I knew he was the doctor for me. His staff also gave me a tour of his OR, and I must say, everything was brand new and it looked great! The day of the procedure, I wasn’t nervous.. But more nervous about the after care. But let me say… The type of anesthesia he used on me was amazing. When I woke up, I had no hang over feeling, and he also didn’t shove anything down my throat (since I know many other doctors do that.. because it’s cheaper). The medicine he prescribed me didn’t make me nauseous either, and I know MANY of my friends suffered severely from the procedure because they couldn’t take the medicine their doctors prescribed, only because they would end up throwing up. I had barely ANY bruising, actually I would say I had none. I healed within 5 days, and got off the medication he prescribed and switched to ibuprofen after 3 days. The recovery was quick, and although I believe I do have a high pain tolerance and recover quick, I think majority of it had to do with how Dr. Phan operated on me. He is very precise and particular, and doesn’t do things just to make money like other doctors. You can genuinely see that he cares. Also, he has many follow ups after you get your procedure done. Not just one like other doctors, but after one week, after one month, after three months, and so on. It goes to show he really cares of his patients safety and the individuals themselves. It’s been a little more than two weeks, and all I can say is.. You get what you pay for, and I am SUPER happy I chose Dr. Phan. I look in the mirror and can’t believe what I see sometimes. I’ve seen very bad breast augmentations.. But this, is a whole different story. I no longer have any insecurities of wearing a v neck tshirt or even just wearing a tanktop. I’m so happy with everything that led up to the procedure, and also the results. If I had to do it again, I definitely would and I would choose Dr. Phan over and over again. I highly recommend him to ANYONE. Trust me. Even if you are not easily persuaded like I am, visit him for a consultation. You definitely won’t regret it. The doctor and his staff are AMAZING.

alyssaaa11- RealSelf, Vitals, Healthgrades, July 2017

20 Year Old Breast Augmentation Revision

Dr. Phan is a very knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeon. Before deciding to do my breast augmentation, I followed his reviews on Real Self along with several other doctors for a year. He was very specific when he responded to questions on the website and he also received all positive reviews. From there I made an appointment for my free consultation.

I was impressed at how much time he took during my consultation. I didn’t feel rushed and he made sure all my questions were answered before I left his office. He went over all my options and explained all the positive and possible challenges that I may experience with the procedure.

Before my surgery date, Dr. Phan called and emailed me to double check that I had everything in place prior to surgery. His staff at both, the Lihue and Oahu offices were great. Everyone was welcoming and answered all my questions. His nurses and receptionists were very caring.

20 years ago I had a breast augmentation performed in California and one side had a lot of scar tissue. Due to this, one breast was higher than the other. Dr. Phan took out all of my scar tissue and my old implants, and did a revision making both breasts even using IDEAL Implants. They look and feel very natural. I love them!

After my surgery, I was able to text and email Dr. Phan with questions that I had. He responded to me that same day. If I left him a message and had to talk to him on the phone, I received a call right away. He made time for me and I didn’t feel like I was just another patient. My concerns were important to him. There is no comparison if you want a doctor who is professional and caring. Dr. Phan is the best!


LKC2, RealSelf, June 2017


I would like to thank Dr. Phan and his staff for an incredible experience from the initial consultation to my last follow up appointment. After consulting with three plastic surgeons, I decided on Dr. Phan. Here are the reasons why I chose Dr. Phan: highly recommended by a friend, warm and caring staff, immaculate office and private surgical room and finally Dr. Phan’s knowledge and attention to detail. Dr. Phan took his time to explain in detail how the procedure I was deciding on would be done. He was very attentive and listened to my questions and concerns. He clearly answered all of my questions until I no longer had concerns. I felt that Dr. Phan was personally committed to resolve my problem area and make me look the best I possible could. I would highly recommend Dr. Phan to anyone who would like to look and feel refreshed like me. Thank you Dr. Phan and staff!


Anonymous, Vitals and Healthgrades, June 2017

Expert in Enhancing Beauty

Dr. Phan is the BEST PLASTIC SURGEON in Hawaii. I researched for months to find the absolute perfect doctor to perform my breast augmentation. His educational background/certifications, website, patient photos, reviews, and my experience (basically everything) prove he the ONE! When I first called his office, Kawai assisted me in scheduling my complimentary consultation. She was very kind and scheduled me for a time that best fit into my schedule. My husband and I arrived at the office and were greeted by Kawai and Erin’s beautiful smiles. The office is very clean and welcoming. At my consultation, Dr. Phan really took the time to get to know my husband and me and told us about himself as well. He gained rapport and trust (which is extremely important) before proceeding to explain to us the surgery process, benefit and risk factors, and breast implant options. He was very informative and knowledgeable. He listened to us and answered our questions. Erin gave us a tour of the office and surgery area. We felt very comfortable and were confident that he was the doctor for me. Before my surgery date, we returned select my implant size and profile Dr. Phan gave me different implant sizes and profiles to try on until we found exactly what I wanted. He also provided his professional advice and thoughts as we went through each one. I can be very picky and indecisive, but I was never rushed or hurried off. We made the final decision, and IT WAS THE BEST DECISION EVER! My surgery went very smoothly. Everyone checked in on me to ensure I was okay. I was never nervous or worried because I knew I was in the right hands. There was absolutely no pain. I fell asleep and woke up with beautiful breasts. It was that simple. Dr. Phan and his staff, Erin and Kawai, are extremely professional and made me, as well as my husband, feel so comfortable. I was (and still am) treated with the utmost care. They make us feel like we were a part of their family. They gave us all the information we needed and told us what to expect before, during, and after surgery. Nothing was ever a surprise or shock. My husband knew exactly what to do to care for me and said he liked how well they explained things to him. He likes coming with me to my follow-up appointments because he is included in the discussions and has a great rapport with them. I highly recommend Dr. Phan. He is the BEST in his field! No other doctor comes close or compares to him. He truly has a gift in enhancing beauty. My breasts look SO gorgeous! They are large, symmetrical, and natural-looking. He EXCEEDED my expectations. P.S. Parking is available in the structure connected to the building. It is easy to find an open stall, and the structure is roomy/big (in case you have a large SUV like me).


simply.me.808, RealSelf & Healthgrades, June 2017

Best doctor from start to finish (Gummy Bear Implants)

Dr.Bao L. Phan is the best doctor from start to finish.He offers free consultations which is awesome because not every doctor offers them. He did my breast augmentation with the gummy bear implants.I did my research and knew from the start that I wanted him to do my surgery.When I first meet him he was easy going and answered all my questions.His staff is also amazing because they answered all of my questions varies times that I called and they are all very friendly.The day of my surgery I was nervous but they all calmed down my nervous with there caring and understanding nature.The office and operating room are really clean and sanitary which is a super plus.I would highly recommend Dr.Bao L. Phan and I would definitely go back to him if I need anything else done.


tihati808, RealSelf, June 2017

The best on island!

Two weeks ago I got a breast augmentation (silicone implants) done with Dr. Phan. Everything about the surgery was an absolute success! Dr. Phan carefully and meticulously explained and walked me through the process from start to finish. His excellent staff made me feel comfortable at every step of the way. His practice is huge, and impeccably clean. From the start Dr. Phan instills a trust that cannot be matched by other surgeons on island. I am incredibly happy with the result of my surgery. I love my big natural looking boobs! My confidence has risen significantly. I will definitely be seeing Dr. Phan in the future for other cosmetic needs!


-Kirstin, RealSelf review, May 2017


Dr Phan was incredible! I’m in the medical field and my experience was top notch. I spoke to Dr Phan about my concerns. I’m very active. I do jiu-jitsu and Crossfit and had many concerns about my performance with breast implants, especially training Jiu-jitsu. Dr Phan took his time and explained everything to me and even though I had my doubts, everything he said was accurate. I was afraid that the size was going to be too large but it fits me perfectly just like he said it would. He had to go over an hour on my procedure due to my muscles being so built. He took his time and I had barely any bruising at all. He also mentioned that he was aware of the amount of muscle he went under due to the fact of my activities. I had my surgery now 11 days ago and I’m feeling phenomenal. Day 2 was rough but I was tolerable with the pain medication. Today I was able to lower body exercises and I feel with patience I’ll be able to go on with my activities and jiu-jitsu within the next 2-3 months. In comparison to my friend, who had a BA as well with another doctor last year, her breast were extremely bruised and her healing took long much longer even at this short amount of time. She is just as active and healthy as me. I hands down recommended Dr Phan. After researching and meeting people living on the same island as me who had Dr Phan, his BA looks the most natural!


- tkalama, RealSelf review, June 2017



KB, RealSelf, May 2017

Couldn’t be more satisfied

I recently went to Dr. Phan for a BA, he is an excellent doctor! His staff is also very welcoming, and makes you feel like family. I feel everything was explained truthfully to me, nothing we sugarcoated, so I felt prepared for every step of the procedure. My surgery was two weeks ago, and so far I am exceedingly happy with my results! Dr. Phan has taken time to answer every question I have had from the start of my consultation all the way to today, while I’m trying to find the right recovery bra. I could not be more pleased in my choice of doctor!

BAP, RealSelf review, April 2017

Awesome experience with my gummy bear implants!

Dr. Phan is amazing, He did my gummy bear implants and I’m beyond thrilled with the outcome. He was so helpful in helping me find the type and size that I wanted and did everything to reduce all potential risks. I was always comfortable in his office and love all his staff. I recommend him to everyone.

Lalamama1234- RealSelf, Vitals & Healthgrades reviews, March 2017


I got a breast augmentation with the gummy bear implants done by Dr. Phan, and I am so happy with them. I wanted a natural look that complemented my body type, and I got exactly that. I was comfortable that entire time and overall had a great experience. They look so great that a handful of my friends have seen him to get the same procedure and also have been  thrilled with his work. I highly recommend him and only him if you want to guarantee fantastic results and good experience.


- Stephanie, Vitals,RealSelf, Google+ and Yelp reviews, March 2017

I’m so pleased with my results!!!

First off, I don’t usually write reviews. However, when I am truly happy with service I give credit where it is due. Dr. Phan’s work is AMAZING! I am so pleased with the process as well as my results. I originally consulted with him about a breast augmentation and out of curiosity asked about the lines on my face (forehead and what I thought were “laugh lines” around the nose and mouth) that have developed over the years. He explained how we eventually lose fat in the face as we age and that gravity will draw the face including the brows down. I didn’t realize it but over time I’ve been lifting my brows to see better which was creating those deep creases in my forehead. Made sense! I changed my mind and opted for a endoscopic brow lift which is very different from the old style brow lift. I also opted for fat transfers to the face and my upper lip. He fat was grafted from my waist. It wasn’t painful post -op, just a lot of swelling and some bruising but after just a week and a half when the swelling was mostly gone I looked 20 years younger!! I look much more rested and awake because of the brow lift. I was a little concerned about looking “surprised” or “plastic” which is not the case at all. Dr. Phan has had a lot of experience with the fat transfers (which I found out that not all plastic surgeons do, it’s more of an art) and he put just the right amount in the right places. My profile has improved tremendously! To top it off, I live on Kauai where Dr. Phan has an office and I can go in for re-checks. He was very patient wh me while I consulted with him 3 times before making my decision. The procedure was done on Oahu and his staff is so professional and makes you feel at ease. I checked out his procedure room before I decided to move forward and it is immaculately clean and modern. I recommend Dr. Phan to anyone considering wanting to turn back the hands of time. I would do it all over again and he will be my “go-to” doctor in the future.


Bao L. Phan, MD
hawaiileo123, RealSelf review, March 2017

Dr. Phan is amazing!

I had a breast reduction done by Dr. Phan a little over a month ago. If I could give him a ten star review, I would. I chose Dr. Phan because he came highly recommended by a friend. He and his staff were all incredibly professional and helpful. Throughout the process, I felt like Dr. Phan really cared and took an interest in my overall well being. He set realistic expectations for the procedure and recovery. He also took the time to answer my (many!) questions. He is truly an artist, and I am beyond pleased with the result of my breast reduction. It has changed my life for the better, and I am so thankful. If you are considering a reduction, go see Dr. Phan. His level of skill is unmatched.

Mauigirl88, RealSelf review, Feb. 2017

Gummy Bear!

Dr. Phan and his team are truly amazing. He is extremely talented, very knowledgeable and produces amazing results. I came in knowing that I wanted to increase my breast size and chose him as he is very professional, confident and I knew I would get the results I was looking for. I was seeking a more natural look and after going over all the options with him, I knew I wanted the “gummy bear” implants. The tear drop shaped implants gave me a more natural look I desired and I am so happy with my decision. He made me feel very comfortable and confident to proceed with this from my first consultation and I would definitely recommend him.

mmoh, RealSelf review, Feb. 2017

Finally got a revision! Couldn’t be happier with my result!

I got revision rhinoplasty surgery here, to fix a previous botched surgery that was done overseas. I couldn’t be happier with my result! Natural looking is what I wanted and that is exactly what I got! It was so hard to find a doctor here on the island that specialized in revisions rhinoplasty. After extensive research and contacting previous patients, via realself, I ended up consulting with Dr. Bao Phan. Not only did he meet the medical credentials I was looking for, but his office was immaculate (I’m a germaphobe) and his equipment is state of the art! I also liked that fact that he was so knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I made my final decision to choose him because he showed me cases of previous patients with similar revision procedures and I liked his professionalism. To top it off he offered a New Years special so I got two free pixel treatments included with my revision. (I haven’t done yet). Ask if there is any special ls going on. My only regret is I should have got a deep cleaning facial, beforehand. My skin is so oily so I broke out really bad. Doc was kind enough to prescribe me acne meds and a wash. I’ll be 2 months pre-op on the 31st. I’m healing pretty good with minimal swelling. I’m so happy to feel like myself again and I know the results will be even better with time. Thank you to Dr. Phan! You don’t know how much this means to me! And thank you to the surgery team and his awesome staff, as well! Akiko and Erin are awesome! If you’re looking for revision rhinoplasty or any other surgery (he specializes in other fields, as well) then he is the man to consult with:) His consults are free so that’s another plus to push you to come in! Doesn’t hurt:)

MomDayinWA, RealSelf review, February, 2017

What an awesome plastic surgeon!

Three of my friends highly recommended dr phan so I made an appointment to get a consultation, Dr phan was really nice and professional. I knew he was the one. He did my breast revision in his beautiful operating room ( a corner unit with huge windows and a view of the city and ocean). His nurses were wonderful and really sweet. I had a ruptured implant and Dr phan fixed me right up. He did an awesome job and I was very pleased with the results! I highly recommend dr phan.


6peanut, Real Self review, Feb 2017

Best staff and experience!!!

Its been a little over 2 months since my BA surgery and I absolutely love my results! From the first time I met Dr. Phan and his staff til this very day, they with have absolutely been accommodating, caring and has been there every time I had a concern. Even the simplest questions, Dr. Phan and his staff would always contact me back within minutes to answer my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Phan and his staff, they will definitely make you feel comfortable with any type of concerns. Thank you Dr. Phan, Sherry, and all the staff in Oahu!!!

kauaigirl8713, Real Self review, Jan 2017

Phenomenal Surgical Skill

My breast augmentation with Dr. Phan was truly miraculous. Dr. Phan was meticulous with me and my unique needs as he spent great care in determining what was the best fit and solution for me. He displayed genuine concern, highly professional knowledge/experience, and great mindfulness during each of my consultations. He provided extremely thorough explanations and took as much time as needed to answer all my questions in great detail. Dr. Phan was also very accommodating to my schedule as we scheduled the surgery. I know each of his staff members on a first name basis, as they took exquisite care of me from the initial phone conversation of setting up the first consultation, to now as I look back and review my extremely wonderful results. My experience was miraculous because along with my implants, I needed a lift, but had opted to do the lift later on down the road. However, due to Dr. Phan’s surgical skill and dedication to detail, I came out of my implant surgery so perfectly, with no need for a lift in the future. I owe my newfound happiness to Dr. Phan and his staff…much mahalos to them!

happyinhawaii, Real Self review, Jan 2017

The Best of the Best

I highly recommend Dr. Phan… He is the best of the best! My facial Chemical Peel and Fillers turned out beyond my expectations. Make an appointment today for whatever refreshing look you’re hoping for.

Square Review, 12/2016


From my first consult to my post visit, Dr. Phan and his staff have been nothing but wonderful. I went to my initial consultation with a long list of questions. I was deciding between the “gummy bear” implants and breast lipoaugmentation. I had done my fair share of research on both procedures and was still not sure. Dr. Phan took the time to answer all of my questions and address any concerns that I had. At my consult, he informed me that I would be a great candidate for the lipoaugmentation. I had some extra fat in my thighs, muffin tops, and stomach that I was more than happy to get rid of. 

The day of my procedure, I was a little nervous. Dr. Phan and his staff were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure went beautifully. I did have some minor pain and discomfort after, but not to a point where I needed any prescription pain medications. I was up and walking around that evening. I even went out to dinner with my family. I would say it took me about 3 days to be up and back into my old routine.
I am very happy with my results and am actually looking into a second fat transfer next year. I went up about 1 and a half cup sizes. The scars from the liposuction have healed beautifully and are barely noticeable. They feel and look completely natural. No one even noticed, which is exactly what I was going for. I did not want it to look like I had any work done. I would definitely recommend Dr. Phan to anyone considering breast lipoaugmentation. He and all of his staff are very informative and caring.

KJKH, Review posted on RealSelf, Vitals and Healthgrades, Dec. 2016

The Best In Hawaii

Dr. Phan was absolutely amazing. My 3 friends and I decided to look the age we felt and chose Dr. Phan, they had great results and I am the most recent. I had my eyes, neck, face lift, fat fillers, and 35% TCA peel. In just a little over 2 weeks I look great and feel great. He is such an artist and meticulous and so is the staff. He made me look so natural and just refreshed. I couldn’t ask for better. Thank you Dr. Phan you rock and Hawaii is lucky to have you.

mjhanalei 11-16-16 Real Self-Yelp Review

True Artist

Thank you Dr. Phan!  Dr. Phan is a true artist at what he does.  Recently I received lip enhancements/Restalyne  from him and what beautiful results.  His consultations are thorough and specific to your needs. Not being in my 20’s anymore sometimes a woman needs a little behind the scene help.  Dr. Phan make it look so natural that I can return to work feeling myself but looking more refreshed.  Would strongly refer Dr. Phan for all your natural looks!

Lisa S. Oahu Yelp Review: 11/3/16


I had a cosmetic procedure done at Hawaii Plastic Surgery Institute a month ago and I have to say that the results couldn’t be anymore PERFECT! Dr. Phan is an excellent surgeon/doctor. He truly cares about precision and making his patients look more on the natural side.

The whole team here is very patient and helpful. They answered all of my questions. It was definitely worth the extra expense for me to travel to Oahu.The process for my pre-op, post-op, and payment was smooth. The facility/office is new and very clean.The surgery room had a beautiful view because of the glass windows.

With no hesitation I would go back to Dr. Phan!

Beauts. 8 Wailuku, Yelp Review 2/25/16

No Regrets

I chose Dr. Phan to do my breast augmentation with Allergan 410 “gummy bear” implants a few months ago. The decision was one I took seriously, researching all board certified plastic surgeons on Oahu and consulting with several.

Two things were key in selecting Dr. Phan over other surgeons: first, the amount of time spent with his patients. During our initial consult, we discussed a wide range of topics including background, pros and cons of different implants/incisions/aftercare techniques, FDA recommendations, complications, etc. I had a lot of questions and Dr. Phan not only provided answers, but explained his reasoning in depth. He invited me to come back for a second consult so I could bring my husband and gave us a tour of the immaculate operating room. On a similar note, I found assurance in Dr. Phan’s emphasis on doing meticulous work, even if it requires more time. During my initial examination he took the most careful, thorough measurements of any of the surgeons by far and talked with me about how small anatomical details might play into my surgical outcome. I was never charged for any consults or follow ups.

The other thing that set Dr. Phan apart was his attention to long term health. He wants patients to be complication free and happy with the results right away, but also a year from now, five years from now and so on. He was the only doctor who addressed the “big picture” so to speak.

All in all, I felt well prepared and knowledgable going into surgery with Dr. Phan. Recovery was surprisingly fast and easy and, just between you and me, my breasts look awesome!!! 🙂 If I could send a photo back in time, my pre-op self would say, “Yes, just like that!”

Last observations of note…the staff is genuine, kind and unfailingly accommodating. Cost wise, he is on par with other surgeons in the building (there are several in the same high rise). I had never met with a plastic surgeon in the past so I had no idea what to expect, but Dr. Phan is very respectful and professional, and I always leave the office feeling positive. I debated whether to have a breast augmentation for years, and now I can honestly say that I’ve not had a single moment of regret. It has been an excellent experience. A huge thank you to Dr. Phan and his team!

Ottb. Oahu Yelp Review 8/4/16


Nothing short of miraculous!  Dr. Phan and his incredible staff far exceeded my expectations.  Going above and beyond in so many ways, their genuine concern for my desired results and medical care, blew me away!  Best medical experience I’ve ever had- hands down!
The professional but still very personal staff, beautiful and fully accredited facility, combined with Dr. Phan’s medical precision and incredible skill, resulted in the best overall experience I could have wished for!  Thank you Dr. Phan!

Abby S. Oahu Yelp review 9/10/16


Dr. Phan recently performed a breast augmentation for me, and I am thrilled with the results.  He thoroughly explained the procedure during my initial consultation and pre-operative appointments.  He patiently answered all of my questions and was extremely professional from start to finish.  Further, Dr. Phan’s office staff are top notch!  They were always very kind, friendly and helpful.  The office in Wailuku is beautiful and immaculate, and unlike many other doctors I have visited, Dr. Phan is very punctual and never kept me waiting for my appointments.  I have received top quality care and would highly recommend Dr. Phan to anyone considering a plastic surgery.  My only regret is that I didn’t have my surgery years ago.  I love my new look!

Kristen S. Yelp 3/7/14

20+ Years Younger

On my first visit to Dr. Phan I was a tad skeptical after hearing people say that Plastic Surgeons were “sales people”.  That is definitely not the case with Dr, Phan.  As a mother of an “artist” I realize he was also an “artist” based on his enthusiasm about his work, a perfectionist in every way.  It was definitely not about the money at all, he sincerely wanted to do the best he could for me. His enthusiasm would make anyone feel confident in him.  He was so considerate that he spaced his patients out so that patients do not have to sit in a room with other patients, it would have been uncomfortable if I saw someone I knew or to be stared at by strangers wondering what procedures I was there for, everything was private and confidential.

His staff was the best I have ever come across, they were understanding, kind, and really made me feel comfortable. He had a full staff of 4 professionals in the operating room as well assisting.  I felt nothing at all during the surgery and was allowed to wear makeup the next day. Everything went smoothly as he and his staff expected.

I have for 3 decades aged a lot, no skin care, no moisturizers, nothing!   Everything went to my children that are now out of college.  Not only did I get the chance to be “selfish” for once in my life, but thanks to Dr. Phan I look better than my college days and look 20+ years younger as well!   By addressing the facial issues I had, it also improved many other problem areas tremendously.  I not only look better than when I was in my twenties but I also look 20+ yrs younger.  It also improved my marriage.   I will never regret the surgery, it was the best gift I have given myself.

Thank you Dr. Phan & his wonder staff!!!

Jan W. Yelp review 8/4/16

5 Star Rating

I really want to recommend Dr. Phan. As a registered nurse I was very careful to choose a doctor that would make me feel comfortable, had extensive experience, is board certified and produces outstanding results. I visited with many and I found all this in more with Dr. Phan. My experience was wonderful. Everything was well explained, well thought out and my results are great. I did not have any pain because of his use of the pain pump. Never took any pain medication. My healing time was greatly decreased because of his advanced methods in suturing and his excellent surgical abilities. I highly recommend!

A. Anderson (A Tummy Tuck from Maui) RealSelf, Oct. 2016

Skilled, experienced, caring, competent, and professional, Plastic Surgeon

If you are looking for a skilled, experienced, caring, competent, and professional, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bao Phan is your answer and I hope this review will help you. I am a repeat customer. I have had Dr. Phan perform several procedures including botox and fillers, chemical peel, mommy make over with breast implants, liposuction, fat transplants, and liposuction. I am thrilled with the outcome and feel like the “outer me” now matches the “inner me”. Dr. Phan listens intently to what you want and what you want to achieve. More importantly he delivers! My expectations have been surpassed and love my body better now at 52 than when I was 22! There is no need to go to the mainland ladies! Dr. Phan will deliver the results you desire, right here in his new state of the art facility, and you will receive the individual attention you expect, want and deserve!

C.M Maui Facebook & Google+

An Amazing Alternative

I had been considering breast implants for awhile but was hesitant to go ahead due to all the possible complications and the need for follow up surgeries years down the road.  I was fascinated when I came across Dr. Phan’s groundbreaking fat transfer procedure!  This process eliminated all the arguments that had prevented me from moving forward (little chance for rejection -since your own fat is used, no follow up MRIs, removal surgeries, etc…) and added the extra benefit of body contouring at the same time!  Dr. Phan, his staff and facility were all amazing!  The recovery period was short and easy.  The results (volume, softness and getting rid of those extra love handles) were far better than I had ever imagined – and all natural!!!   I am so thankful Dr. Phan brought this option to Hawaii!  If you want results without the “complications”-definitely consider this alternative with Dr. Phan’s office!  You won’t regret it!” (H. from Honolulu, Google review)
H. from Honolulu, Google review

My Skin and Face look AMAZING!

My skin and face look amazing!  At age 67 my face had developed many fine lines around my eyes, deeper ones on my cheeks, forehead and around my mouth. Although several of my friends had gone ahead with a facelift or other procedures with Dr. Bao Phan and look absolutely amazing and are very pleased, I wasn’t ready to make that commitment yet and decided to start first with a TCA chemical peel. I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s been a little over a month and my skin and face look amazing! Smooth, tighter and deeper wrinkles gone! Thank you Dr. Phan, I so appreciate you and this procedure and highly recommend you.  Dr. Bao Phan received a 5 star rating in every area of his practice from myself and other patients of his that I have spoken with. Dr. Phan is very easy to talk to and I appreciated the time he took explaining and making the best recommendations for me. So pleased Dr. Phan is on Kauai as well as in his new Hawaii Plastic Surgery Institute on Oahu.  

10-2-16 (RealSelf) 

Kauai Tutu


9-27-16: I Love My Breasts!  I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Phan 2 months ago and I absolutely love them! He definitely has an eye for precision! I love all of his staff in his office. They are all very professional and make you feel comfortable and welcome. Dr. Phan answers all of your questions and gives you so much information to go off of when deciding what you want. I have so much more confidence now and would recommend him to anyone getting plastic surgery in the Honolulu area.
Kba6913 - RealSelf

Nothing short of miraculous!

Nothing short of miraculous! Dr. Phan and his incredible staff far exceeded my expectations. Going above and beyond in so many ways, their genuine concern for my desired results and medical care, blew me away! Best medical experience I’ve ever had- hands down! The professional but still very personal staff, beautiful and fully accredited facility, combined with Dr. Phan’s medical precision and incredible skill, resulted in the best overall experience I could have wished for! Thank you Dr. Phan!   (Anonymous, Vitals and Healthgrades review, August 2016)

So thankful you will never know

5 Star Review: Dr. Bao performed a face and neck lift, fat transfers, chemical peel and touched up with fillers. Everything looks so natural and he got rid of the weirdness left by another cosmetic surgeon. His staff is so personable and his nurses and anesthesiologist were excellent. I would not be afraid to have a face and neck lift if you are considering one. The stitches are so well done, that I don’t have to hide my ears or worry about people seeing the stitches and it has only been 2 months. I am so thankful, you will never know. (by Sandy Beach, Google review)

The Best Gift-20 years younger!

On my first visit to Dr. Phan I was a tad skeptical after hearing people say that Plastic Surgeons were “sales people”. That is definitely not the case with Dr, Phan. As a mother of an “artist” I realize he was also an “artist” based on his enthusiasm about his work, a perfectionist in every way. It was definitely not about the money at all, he sincerely wanted to do the best he could for me. His enthusiasm would make anyone feel confident in him. He was so considerate that he spaced his patients out so that patients do not have to sit in a room with other patients, it would have been uncomfortable if I saw someone I knew or to be stared at by strangers wondering what procedures I was there for, everything was private and confidential.
His staff was the best I have ever come across, they were understanding, kind, and really made me feel comfortable. He had a full staff of 4 professionals in the operating room as well assisting. I felt nothing at all during the surgery and was allowed to wear makeup the next day. Everything went smoothly as he and his staff expected.
I have for 3 decades aged a lot, no skin care, no moisturizers, nothing! Everything went to my children that are now out of college. Not only did I get the chance to be “selfish” for once in my life, but thanks to Dr. Phan I look better than my college days and look 20+ years younger as well! By addressing the facial issues I had, it also improved many other problem areas tremendously. I not only look better than when I was in my twenties but I also look 20+ yrs younger. It also improved my marriage. I will never regret the surgery, it was the best gift I have given myself.
Thank you Dr. Phan & his wonder staff!!! (J. from Oahu, Yelp review)

Dr Phan is an outstanding doctor

Dr Phan is an outstanding doctor. He is a caring professional and very skilled plastic surgeon. I cannot express fully the caring and understanding that he gave to my very challenging situation . Honestly, what a wonderful thing to have a doctor like him! He explained everything to me and answered all my questions. He is truly a great doctor

jen2maui - Google+

Dr. Phan was very thorough

Dr. Phan was very thorough in explaining procedures so I know what to expect every step of the way. Dr. Phan is very professional & easy to talk with at each office visit. Dr. Phan travels between Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. Dr. Phan operates only on Oahu at Kapiolani or Straub hospitals. Dr. Phan adjusts his schedule to his patients’ needs.

renemieko3683 - Google+

Dr. Phan is very nice

Dr. Phan is very nice and loves to explain how he will do the procedure you are getting which is very helpful when you have a lot of questions. He seems to love what he does & so far the few times I have seen him he seems to be very precise when doing his job. He answered all my questions in detail & did not try to over sell. He is very honest & does not seem to over charge. He is getting very busy I just hope he will continue to spend the quality time that he has so far. This last visit was a bit rushed, hopefully the next one will be a little more relaxing.

lokilou123 - Google+

My Surgery came out

My surgery came out everything I had hoped for and more! Dr. Phan did a perfect job on me. The office where surgery is performed is gorgeous. Everyone did their job well. My healing time was 2 weeks. I can’t believe I found Dr. Phan here on Kauai for my surgery and he turned out to be perfect. I will recommend him highly forever.



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Greatest Gift

I had 2 procedures done almost a month ago and this was the “Greatest Gift” I could give myself. It hasn’t even been quite a month but already I look 20+ years younger to most people that do not know me can’t believe my actual age. No “tell tail” aging signs of drooping cheeks, lines going down from my lips to jaw, no severly wrinkled neck (looks like a 20 year old’s neck). And the procedure helped so many other issues as well which was a added “bonus”.
My first experience with Doctor Phan was not what I expected. I felt really comfortable immediately with both he and his staff. Their office was so impressive. He had an operating room that was far more impressive and much more immaculate than any hospital I have ever been to. You could feel the confidence that Dr. Phan and his staff had in his ability which gave me the confidence that I was in good hands. Dr. Phan was very considerate of “patient privacy” and in doing so I was never in the waiting room with another patients. With almost no waiting time. I would have felt uncomfortable if I saw someone I knew or had been stared down by someone wondering what procedure I would be getting. The patient elevator was right outside the door for added privacy.
Dr. Phan was totally different from what I experienced from my Dematologist. He did not push me to get certain procedures done, or to buy any products. He made suggestions and the ultimate decision was my choice. It was never about money, he sincerely wanted to make me beautiful and was so enthusiastic about accomplishing just that. He also wants his patients to look “natural”, no giant puffy lips, no cheeks that want to explode, not like the horror stories shown on television. He really sincerely cares.
The surgery went smoothly as expected. He made no effect to cut corners, there were at least 3 or 4 in the operating room from an Anesthesiologist to nurses besides him for the lengthy surgery. I felt “Nothing” at all. My makeup was back on the next day. I am terrified of shots from needles but Dr. Phan and his staff gave me so much moral support that I pretty much had no fear.
Ultimately it was the best decision I have ever made after 3 decades of raising my children and not ever doing anything special for myself. It would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Dr. Phan, I can not thank him enough. It was a small price to pay to turn back the clock over 2 decades.
Thank you Dr. Phan & Staff
-Grace W.

Best Doctor In Town!

Wanted to increase breast size to better fit my over all body proportions and lower body muscularity.  I had an excellent experience from beginning to end and was happy I went to Dr. Phan after visiting three other surgeons on island. I would do it all over again. Friends and family have commented how natural and well balanced my body looks now.


Dr Phan is an outstanding doctor

Dr Phan is an outstanding doctor. He is a caring professional and very skilled plastic surgeon. I cannot express fully the caring and understanding that he gave to my very challenging situation . Honestly, what a wonderful thing to have a doctor like him! He explained everything to me and answered all my questions. He is truly a great doctor
jen2maui – Google+

jen2maui - Google+

Dr. Phan is great

I am a 70 year old male who needed a blepharoplasty for medical reasons, I was referred to Dr. Phan from a family friend and it was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Phan is great, he was very thorough, professional and amazing at what he does. My eyes are now the only thing on my body that looks youthful at my age. Highly recommend him for any medical or cosmetic procedures you desire.

75 Year Old – “Turkey Neck”

paaha - Google+

Extremely pleased

Neck especially showing age. Gave surgical procedure much thought and research. Extremely pleased with my decision. Surgery and recovery relatively painless. Dr Phan even provided a cute cottage the night before surgery and after for recovery. Clinic is impeccably clean and the entire staff professional and caring. Excellent in every way!!!

No More Wrinkles

Thank you Dr. Phan!!

I went to Dr Phan with a gfriend who received a breast augmentation and we both received Botox with Dr. Phan. I am super satisfied with Dr. Phans technique and the results that I received!! He was very gentle and thorough…I have received Botox many times for the past 6 years and this was definitely my best treatment. Thank you Dr. Phan!!

75 Year Old “Heavy Smoker”

cstansell - Google+

I’m extremely happy

I was referred to Dr. Phan from a couple of friends who had amazing results. I was interested in getting augmentation with possibly a lift. I’m extremely happy with the entire procedure from the consultation to the follow up visit after surgery. Dr. Phan is very professional helpful and answers any questions you have.

lknak108- Google+

In his gorgeous office

Dr. Phan went up the cheek and a bit under the eyes which smoothed out some of the slight lines around the eye area. Dr Phan does his major surgeries in his gorgeous office on the island of Oahu but will do the basics such as fillers etc. on Maui. I think he has an office on Kauai as well.

lokilou123 - Google+

When IPL is done right

I want to write this review to show what can happen when IPL is done right. I had my first IPL treatment in September 2013 with Dr. Bao Phan. After reading horror stories and the pictures that went with them, I avoided going anywhere where the laser wasn’t operated by an MD. IPL works wonders when done by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

RJPonKauai - Google+

Exceptional experience

Exceptional experience full circle, from the initial consultation through follow-up appointments and after care. Dr. Phan is an exceptional Doctor himself. He also works around the clock answering any questions or concerns immediately. He’s sincere and makes you and your goals his number 1 priority.My overall experience has truly been a blessing in every way. I can go on and on about my whole experience and about how exceptional it all is but to truly know is to go through the experience. I will be forever greatful to Dr. Phan and Sherri for everything they have done to help me achieve my goals and make my dream come true.YOU ARE DR.PHANTASTIC!!

gummybearlollipop - Google+

I would highly recommend Dr. Phan

Procedure took about 2-3 hours. Everything was professional from the nurse, office, and scheduling. Doctor did an excellent job. Followup was the same. I would highly recommend Dr. Phan for any procedure. He was knowledgeable and answered all my questions from the beginning to the end. If you’re considering anything, see him for a consult. He will take all your fears away.

username0002 - Google+

Dr. Phan is Phantastic!

Dr. Phan is Phantastic! Tom gave me the least painful IV ever. Karli was exceptional at helping me through everything and Holly comforted me through my scariest moments. We love you guys.


I couldn’t be happier

Aloha and Mahalo Dr. Phan.
I must say thank you again, and tell you how thankful I am to have found you and your awesome staff! I couldn’t be happier with everything. I think I still want to go larger but Im so happy with these “girls”. You are an amazing surgeon with an awesome bedside manner. Thank you for making me feel beautiful. All my gratitude and aloha.


Make Dr. Phan your doctor, too

It’s a rare and wonderful gift to a person whenever an exceptional outcome with one’s physician surpasses all your expectations. Putting yourself in the hands of any doctor is always challenging. Dr. Bao Phan is the exception to that rule. The level of professionalism, superior skills and overall expertise he possesses were consistently given. Anytime I had a concern or question, he made sure everything was answered to my sastisfaction. What’s truly impressive is his genuine desire to serve his clients to the best of his ability. His commitment and personal care for everyone is extraordinary. There has been no compensation in any way received by me with this testimonial. My intention is to share with the public a great experience with Dr. Phan. I promise you can have complete confidence in your decision to make Dr. Phan your doctor, too.


I received great care by Dr. Phan

It’s rare to have a doctor take the time these days to be so thorough with all aspects of medical care. From pre-op to post-op, I received great care by Dr. Phan. I experienced nothing but professionalism, genuine care, and a willingness to see me through the procedure 100% of the way, including the follow-up visits. He takes his time with you and explains things in a way you can understand and make the best choices for yourself. I highly recommend Dr. Phan to anyone.


The BEST thing I ever did!

The BEST thing I ever did! I just wish I had done it 10 years ago! Dr. Mirzai, Dr. Phan and their entire team are amazing! The cosmetic surgery they performed on me has been truly life changing. The results were phenomenal! Having my neck and facial lift totally restored my youth and self confidence in a way nothing else could have.
If you’re looking for the very best- call Dr. Mirzai and Dr. Phan at Hawaii Plastic
Surgery Associates.

Sally Barron

Dr. Phan was very professional

I was very nervous when i went in for my consultation. I haven’t had any work done prior to the procedure, and didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Phan was very professional and understanding. He listened to everything i had to say and never once criticized my body, or pointed out other areas that needed to be fixed. He explained the procedure in full detail. The pros and cons, pre-op and post-op care, what i would need, and what i could expect from the procedure.


I am extremely happy

I am extremely happy with my results from the procedure. There was little to no pain post surgery, and they have greatly exceeded my expectations. I have never been so confident in my body. My saddle bags have practically disappeared, and my breasts are gorgeous. They are larger, fuller, symmetrical, and they feel so soft. No one would ever be able to tell by the touch that my breasts were enhanced. I finally have the desired proportion to my body. Thank you Dr. Mirzai and Dr. Phan for everything.


I want to tell you how happy I am

I want to tell you how happy I am with the outcome of my breast augmentation and breast lift that you did. I appreciate all the time you spent making sure I was doing good both before and after surgery. I felt well cared for and the main thing I want to say is my breast are beautiful! Works of art and you are the artist.
Thank you very much!


I would go to Dr. Phan

I am a patient of Dr. Phan due to breast implants that I had for 22 years and needed replaced. My situation was critical and not knowing any plastic surgeons on Maui my husband and I met with 3 surgeons. Dr. Phan was our third meeting and we were so happy we met with him. Dr. Phan and his staff were very professional and caring and it became obvious that his number one concern was my health and resolving my situation in the best manner possible. He is very up to date on new data, surgeries and different implants making our confidence level even higher. The facility is well maintained and a one stop shop from the consultations to surgery/ recovery in one building making the experience convenient and comfortable. I would go to Dr. Phan for any type of surgery and recommend him very highly.


Dr. Phan is a top plastic surgeon

I have been a patient of Dr. Bao Phan since 2006. I have had numerous cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, i.e. face lift, mini face lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, etc., with spectacular results. Dr. Phan is a top plastic surgeon in his field and has helped me achieve a more youthful, natural-looking appearance. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and confident. I highly recommend Dr. Phan for any or all plastic surgery procedures.

Google review- “5/5 stars”

Kim M.

The results were fantastic

I am a 75 year old male who is young in mind and wanted to be in body also. Dr. Bao Phan was highly recommended to me. I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge in plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Phan suggested a mini facelift to tighten up my face and neck area and what really pleased me is that he does it under local anesthetic. The procedure took about two plus hours and the pain and discomfort were negligible. The results were fantastic and I would surely recommend the procedure and Dr. Phan as a plastic surgeon.

Google review- “5/5 stars”

Scott R.

Dr Phan is an artist

Assessing my face carefully, Dr Phan carefully described as minimally an invasive procedure as possible that would result in maximum results.
He made every effort to fit all the pre & post care into my limited time schedule..
being very concerned that I be well taken care of by his staff after the procedure.
I experienced very little discomfort or bruising.
Dr Phan is an artist that balanced my features more smoothly together than I’d seen since childhood. I truly love the results and it’s been less than a week and my friends haven’t even seen me yet!
I saw the results on my friend in Maui and was inspired! I will recommend him to all my friends that need “refreshment”. Safe and capable and delicate hands.


Highly recommend Dr. Phan

I am a 70 year old male who needed a blepharoplasty for medical reasons, I was referred to Dr. Phan from a family friend and it was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Phan is great, he was very thorough, professional and amazing at what he does. My eyes are now the only thing on my body that looks youthful at my age. Highly recommend him for any medical or cosmetic procedures you desire.


The result was fantastic

I was unhappy with my turkey neck and my sagging jowls. I always felt younger than my phsical appearance and having heard of a much less evasive procedure decided it might just be the answer. The procedure is a mini face lift done under local anesthetic and took about three hours to complete. The result was fantastic and I am totally elated with my new younger look. Thank you Dr.Phan for your excellent work and extra special care.


Dr. Phan is more than wonderful!

Dr. Phan is more than wonderful! Very professional and caring. The whole procedure was far easier and results far better than expected. I am very glad Dr. Phan and Dr London (anesthesiologist) were my choices! The nurses and entire staff were the best. I felt very cared for and safe with them. Now, youth seems to be returning daily! I enjoy looking in the mirror.


I got instant results

After years of smoking, I did considerable damage to my skin and had wrinkles on top of wrinkles. Liked the idea of a mini face lift because I did not have to go under. It was done with a local and was awake throughout the whole procedure. I also like the fact that I got instant results. There was no bruising and minimal swelling.
If there was any hesitation on getting this procedure done was quickly erased after talking to Dr. Phan. Dr. Phan is very knowledgeable, precise, and confident. It is so assuring to have a plastic surgeon with rave reviews and find that he owns up to them. I would recommend Dr. Phan for any and all plastic surgeries.


I am so grateful

I am so grateful that I was able to have Dr. Phan as my doctor. He came to Kauai every week and was available anytime for any questions or concerns that I had throughout the surgical process. He was very understanding of my situation and came up with the best solution for my family and myself. He is an excellent doctor and truly cares for the well being of his patients. It has been over a year since my surgery and he is still following up with me! I have no complaints about my recovery and am extremely pleased with how my results turned out. Thanks to Dr. Phan I am living a much happier and healthier lifestyle and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Kelsi D.

Dr Phan is the best.

Dr Phan is the best. I was a patient while he practiced in Maui and followed him to Oahu. He is such a nice and pleasant doctor that it would be difficult to find another doctor so terrific. He is on Maui every Tuesday, so I know I can always see him. During my surgical recovery, he flew to Maui every week on Saturday to see me and other Maui patients. I am glad he has changed that to every Tuesday.

Rene S.

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Bao Phan

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Bao Phan doing surgeries at his state-of-the art operating facility on Oahu. Dr. Phan is one of the leaders in his field. I am a patient of his for the past eight plus years and have had numerous procedures. Each surgery was done to perfection and I cannot say enough as to how talented this doctor is. Dr. Phan certainly chose the profession he is a natural for.

Lily M.

I have never done surgery before

I have never done surgery before. But seeing my friends all getting their boobs done I also wanted the same but with better quality. I’ve went to 4 consultations with different plastic surgeons ( especially the ones that are well known on Oahu) but none of them you can compare to Dr.Phan. From the time you first meet him till the recovery him and his staff treat you as if you are all that matters and that’s exactly the type of service i had been looking for. They were so accommodating with the surgery date and time. Personally I wanted to go with 450cc’s but Dr.Phan said it would not look paportion on my size body so instead I went with 425cc’s. I don’t regret it one bit. Not to mention I felt that I could have been coming down with something after the surgery due to the fact sometimes my areolas do get swollen every time of the month. I called Dr. Phan on Christmas Day and he answered all my questions never felt like I was being rushed off the phone and prescribing me some antibiotics. He was so personable and so caring he called me everyday for the next week just to make sure I was feeling ok. Now that I am 1 1/2 months post, I love the shape, the service was amazing. If you are about QUALITY Dr.Phan is the surgeon for you.


Dr. Phan is careful

He is careful, thorough, knowledgeable and kind. He made every effort to fit the procedure into my vacation. Anytime I had a question or texted him, I got immediate response. That was very reassuring.

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