The Best Gift-20 years younger!

On my first visit to Dr. Phan I was a tad skeptical after hearing people say that Plastic Surgeons were “sales people”. That is definitely not the case with Dr, Phan. As a mother of an “artist” I realize he was also an “artist” based on his enthusiasm about his work, a perfectionist in every way. It was definitely not about the money at all, he sincerely wanted to do the best he could for me. His enthusiasm would make anyone feel confident in him. He was so considerate that he spaced his patients out so that patients do not have to sit in a room with other patients, it would have been uncomfortable if I saw someone I knew or to be stared at by strangers wondering what procedures I was there for, everything was private and confidential.
His staff was the best I have ever come across, they were understanding, kind, and really made me feel comfortable. He had a full staff of 4 professionals in the operating room as well assisting. I felt nothing at all during the surgery and was allowed to wear makeup the next day. Everything went smoothly as he and his staff expected.
I have for 3 decades aged a lot, no skin care, no moisturizers, nothing! Everything went to my children that are now out of college. Not only did I get the chance to be “selfish” for once in my life, but thanks to Dr. Phan I look better than my college days and look 20+ years younger as well! By addressing the facial issues I had, it also improved many other problem areas tremendously. I not only look better than when I was in my twenties but I also look 20+ yrs younger. It also improved my marriage. I will never regret the surgery, it was the best gift I have given myself.
Thank you Dr. Phan & his wonder staff!!! (J. from Oahu, Yelp review)


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD