So pleased with the results of his work…

So, 6 months post-op, it is time that I share about my experience with Hawaii Plastic Surgery Institute. I have been through 4 pregnancies and I was looking to get a mommy makeover to repair some of the damage done to my body. I researched for many weeks and what first drew me to Dr. Phan was his website. All others were focussed on selling the dream. Dr Phan sold me on WHY he was qualified to provide the dream. He is board certified and his clinic is accredited by AAAASF which made me feel confident to meet. At the initial consultation Dr Phan was thorough and informative. He was extremely professional. He seemed to answer my questions before I even asked them. He later emailed with more information that we didn’t get to talk about in our short visit but he felt I needed. Amber, from his office staff, was so pleasant and helpful. She made it so much easier for me to get everything ready. The nurses in office were professional and they talked story with me to put my nerves at ease. The procedure went well. As I was waking up, I saw Dr. Phan cleaning the OR and gathering laundry. A job that would be beneath most doctors. It speaks to his character (among other things I witnessed). He went above and beyond to give support through my recovery. I am so pleased with the results of his work and the level of service I received. I highly recommend Dr. Phan and his staff for your surgical needs.

Bao Phan

Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD