I have never done surgery before

I have never done surgery before. But seeing my friends all getting their boobs done I also wanted the same but with better quality. I’ve went to 4 consultations with different plastic surgeons ( especially the ones that are well known on Oahu) but none of them you can compare to Dr.Phan. From the time you first meet him till the recovery him and his staff treat you as if you are all that matters and that’s exactly the type of service i had been looking for. They were so accommodating with the surgery date and time. Personally I wanted to go with 450cc’s but Dr.Phan said it would not look paportion on my size body so instead I went with 425cc’s. I don’t regret it one bit. Not to mention I felt that I could have been coming down with something after the surgery due to the fact sometimes my areolas do get swollen every time of the month. I called Dr. Phan on Christmas Day and he answered all my questions never felt like I was being rushed off the phone and prescribing me some antibiotics. He was so personable and so caring he called me everyday for the next week just to make sure I was feeling ok. Now that I am 1 1/2 months post, I love the shape, the service was amazing. If you are about QUALITY Dr.Phan is the surgeon for you.


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD