I got breast implants when I turned 18. Over the past 22 years they didn’t give me any major problems and thankfully I was able to breast feed my children, but they never really felt quite right to me and I often wished I had never gotten them. When I turned 40 and had my first mammogram it really brought my attention to the age of my implants and the need for their removal. I knew it is common for women to remove old implants and replace them with new implants but I really didn’t like the idea of putting new implants in. I surf, teach yoga and play guitar and the foreign objects on my chest often felt in the way. They even felt in the way when I hugged my kids close to my heart.  I just wanted to be all natural again and I am so grateful that I found a highly skilled doctor who took good care of me. Thanks to Dr. Phan’s intuition, surgical skill, advanced techniques and compassionate post-operative care I am feeling better than ever, and I am very happy with the look and feel of my natural breasts. I consulted with six plastic surgeons before I met with Dr. Phan. He was the only doctor that offered to do implant removal, complete removal of the scar capsules that surrounded the implants, and a breast lift at the same time. That seemed like the best plan for my situation. Several doctors I saw said removing the scar tissue was unnecessary. I understand that it makes the surgery more complicated and carries more risks, but because my implants were so old, there was a good possibility that they were leaking silicone into the scar capsule. I really felt like it would be better for my health in the long run if I found a doctor skilled in capsule removal. I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Phan. He is on the most recent list of Honolulu Magazine’s Top Doctors in Hawaii, he has an impressive collection of before and after photos, and he has a state of the art surgical facility where he performs surgeries with a board-certified anesthesiologist under IV sedation rather than general anesthesia. My surgery went well and I woke up without any pain or nausea. I never took a single pain pill! The day after the surgery Dr. Phan showed me my implants and scar capsules and it turned out they were indeed leaking and there was silicone inside the scar capsule, so I’m really relieved that he got that out of my body. He was also always there for me during my post operative healing period. He is unbelievably responsive with phone calls and text messages and his staff is very kind and helpful. I am exactly one month post-op and I feel completely recovered. I went surfing for the first time today since my surgery and I felt so light and balanced without the implants. I even felt confident in my bikini top because Dr. Phan did such a good job lifting my natural breast tissue back into a nice shape.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.



Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD