I’m so pleased with my results!!!

First off, I don’t usually write reviews. However, when I am truly happy with service I give credit where it is due. Dr. Phan’s work is AMAZING! I am so pleased with the process as well as my results. I originally consulted with him about a breast augmentation and out of curiosity asked about the lines on my face (forehead and what I thought were “laugh lines” around the nose and mouth) that have developed over the years. He explained how we eventually lose fat in the face as we age and that gravity will draw the face including the brows down. I didn’t realize it but over time I’ve been lifting my brows to see better which was creating those deep creases in my forehead. Made sense! I changed my mind and opted for a endoscopic brow lift which is very different from the old style brow lift. I also opted for fat transfers to the face and my upper lip. He fat was grafted from my waist. It wasn’t painful post -op, just a lot of swelling and some bruising but after just a week and a half when the swelling was mostly gone I looked 20 years younger!! I look much more rested and awake because of the brow lift. I was a little concerned about looking “surprised” or “plastic” which is not the case at all. Dr. Phan has had a lot of experience with the fat transfers (which I found out that not all plastic surgeons do, it’s more of an art) and he put just the right amount in the right places. My profile has improved tremendously! To top it off, I live on Kauai where Dr. Phan has an office and I can go in for re-checks. He was very patient wh me while I consulted with him 3 times before making my decision. The procedure was done on Oahu and his staff is so professional and makes you feel at ease. I checked out his procedure room before I decided to move forward and it is immaculately clean and modern. I recommend Dr. Phan to anyone considering wanting to turn back the hands of time. I would do it all over again and he will be my “go-to” doctor in the future.


Bao L. Phan, MD


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD