I chose Dr. Phan to do my BA since many of my friends had their BA’s done by him.  They had great experiences and results with him and after meeting with him for my consultation, I knew that I could trust him to give me the best results possible.  Dr. Phan and his office manager Amber made themselves available anytime I had questions or concerns.  I never felt pressured after the consultation to schedule the surgery…I felt like I could take my time to do more research and decide on the right type of implant for me.  Dr. Phan only does surgeries on Oahu and living on another island, I knew I was going to have to plan a commute. Going into the consultation, I wanted IDEAL saline implants but after feeling all the different implants and Dr. Phan explaining pros and cons of all of them, I was torn between the anatomical “gummy bear” and the IDEAL.  Once I decided on the gummy bear implants and got my time off approved, I scheduled my surgery.  I decided on the gummy bear implants because I liked the natural look and feel and Dr. Phan has a lot of experience with the textured implant.  

We arrived on Oahu the night before my surgery.  We stayed at a hotel in Waikiki which was 10 minutes away from Dr. Phan’s office.

The morning of surgery (Wednesday), everything happened pretty quickly.  The nurse came and brought me in the back and from there I changed, they ran a pregnancy test, once they got the results, the anesthetist Ed came by to put the IV in.  He was really good, I didn’t make it easy for him as my veins were hard to find.  Dr. Phan was there to talk me through what was going on and I liked that.  Once Ed got the IV in and they were ready for me, I walked over to the OR room and about a minute later I was out.  Waking up, Dr. Phan was right there and was explaining what happened.  He said we ended up going with the 370cc implant (we were in between 325 and 370) so I was happy.  My bf came to pick me up and the nurse wheeled me down to the car.  My bf mentioned that he was impressed with the fact that Dr. Phan was the one that called him to notify him that I was out of surgery.  I guess he expected a call from the office staff.

The next morning (Thursday) we went back and Dr. Phan went over some post-op care and also asked how I did yesterday.  I survived only on Tylenol Wednesday night butThursday night I needed to take the pain meds Dr. Phan prescribed me.  We went back on Friday since Dr. Phan wanted to see me before we flew home on Saturday.  Fridayafternoon I was able to walk to get lunch from somewhere near our hotel and that night I was able to go out to dinner.  Very little nausea on Thursday and Friday, no vomiting at all.  Zofran and ginger ale helped.  Saturday afternoon we flew home, of course I couldn’t lift anything heavy but I was fine to fly home.  

I’m currently 4 weeks post-op and love my results!  Dr. Phan has exceeded my expectations (and they are very high) and my boobs will just keep getting better and better every day.  

If you’re thinking about getting a BA, call for a free consult with Dr. Phan.  If you live on Kauai or Maui, it’s not difficult to go to Oahu for the surgery.  If you can afford the extra expense to spend a weekend on Oahu for the surgery, do it!  All your pre-op/post-op can be done at home.  He is very hands on through the whole process and this is a journey so you want someone that you can trust along for the ride.  He answers emails promptly and he gives you his cell # to call with any questions.  I’ve read/watched others share their experiences and during post-op appts, they don’t even see their surgeon, they see nurses or assistants.  I personally don’t like that, not that I don’t think nurses are capable, it’s just that I chose the surgeon for the surgeon, not for the nurses.  

Dr. Phan will be there with you every step of the way.  I am so glad I chose him to do my BA!  If I decide to get any other work done, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.  Thank you, Dr. Phan!!


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD