I look and feel better than I expected!

After years of fertility treatments with hormones leading to weight gains and losses and loose skin as well as newly developed discomfort from breast implants I got years ago, I decided to invest in myself. I had my implants removed and a tummy tuck with liposuction. I choose Dr. Phan because he was not only the highest-rated but because his demeanor and level of professionalism in answering all of my questions and concerns. I made my appointments and decision to work with Dr. Phan the first time I met with him. There was no pressure, no unrealistic expectations and everything was explained in a manner I could understand. He was kind and respectful and his staff reflected his professionalism. He encouraged me to look to his website and Instagram for examples of his work (which I did and was very inspired by). Pre-op I received all documentation in a timely manner. I was able to call or email with any questions and I received prompt or immediate responses. The day of, Dr. Phan dedicated his day to my procedure so I was not worried he would try to rush to fit in more patients after me. During the weeks of post-op, Dr. Phan was very gentle during my post-op exams and never rushed thru appointments or disregarded my concerns no matter how minute. I am now 5 weeks post op and I am so happy with my results. I have breasts that look great and are symmetrical (which was a concern of mine). I have a flat tummy and minimal scar line. I am able to walk, run, drive, eat and drink. I am enjoying the results of my investment. I look and feel better than I expected! I am so, so happy I chose Dr. Phan. There’s no one else I would recommend for incredible results thru cosmetic surgery.

Bao Phan

Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD