Happy Mom Bod

Any mother knows that having kids changes your body, especially when you’ve breastfed. I have 4 kids and breastfed all of them and after each child my breast changed more and more. 
I’ve considered breast augmentation after I tied my tubes which was after my 4th child but kept putting it off. Then I started to get really active again and started working out which as expected also affected my breast, so I decided it was time. 
I’ve spoken with some friends that got their breast done to get their opinions and some referrals but it was still difficult to decide mainly because their procedure was done more than 10 years ago and so much has changed since then. 
Dr. Phan was very informative and listened closely to what I was looking for. He didn’t try to convince me that he was the best dr for the job, instead he listened more to what I was looking for, he asked about my lifestyle and explained my options and made some suggestions that he thought was best for me since I’m very active. 
Dr. Phan and his team have been very supportive from the beginning and still 2 months after my procedure he assured me that I can call or text him if I have any concerns. 
Thank you to Dr. Phan and to his staff.

Bao Phan

Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD