Excellent Care and Outcome

It has been two weeks since my surgery.
I am a 68 year old female (Haole – born and raised in Hawaii) in what I think would be considered very good physical shape. I exercise, eat a varied diet, drink in moderation and do my best to take good care of myself. My mother will enjoy her 100 birthday later this month, so I am determined to be in good shape since I believe longevity is in my genes!
I had a face lift 10 years ago with a doctor in San Francisco which I was extremely pleased with, but the last ten years have taken their toll on my face and skin, so I was inspired to find a doctor to help me revitalize my looks and give me that refreshed, awake, alert look once again. Since the doctor I had seen in SF had long since retired, I started my search. Dr. Phan’s name kept coming up! I talked to several doctors (Honolulu & SF) and found my consultation with Dr. Phan to be the most thorough and attentive to my desires while making his professional suggestions for the outcome I was seeking to be the best choice for me. Dr. Phan took the time to meet with me and my husband, to reassure my husband that his approach would be exactly what I (we) wanted (simply to age gracefully!) and to look like myself!!!, just refreshed.
Dr. Phan uses TIVA anesthesia. He is committed to using the best method and technicians available.
Dr. Phan and Amber were available to answer any question I had and checked on my progress by phone, email and text. I truly feel well cared for. My husband is beyond impressed!
Best of all, I love the work that Dr. Phan and his team did for me. Today marks two weeks since my surgery and moments ago I had a long time business associate ask me if I had just returned from vacation, since I looks so good.
I highly recommend Dr. Phan to anyone considering any type of Plastic Surgery!!

Bao Phan

Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD