Exceeded all my Expectations

Dr. Phan is seriously the best and has truly exceeded all my expectations I had going into getting a breast augmentation. I had been wanting to get the procedure done for a while, but had been holding off because I was very nervous about the actual surgery (never been under), the risks of the procedure, as well as choosing a surgeon that would give me the results I envisioned.  I had many questions and concerns to bring up during our consult., and Dr took his time to listen and answer every single one of them. He was also very up front and honest with me about making sure I understood the risks associated with a BA , which I really appreciated. I explained that I was looking for a very natural result, I didn’t want to look overdone or exaggerated in any way. I never felt like the consult. was rushed, and could really tell he cares about catering to his patients goals, as well as takes a great pride in his work.
When It was time for me to actually fly to Oahu and get the procedure done, I was incredibly nervous…..but after meeting with him the day before and having a tour of his beautiful office in the Hale Pawa’a building, it made me feel rest assured I was in very good hands. We were in between deciding on two implant sizes, and Dr told me he would be able to make the call on which size when I was under, so this made me nervous because I couldn’t make the decision for myself, it was up to him…….The morning of when I arrived to get ready for surgery, I was definitely freaking out on the inside…..my nurse who would be taking care of me was very nice and so was the anesthesiologist.
The procedure took about 2 1/2 hours, and when I was back up, Dr. told me he ended up going with the slightly bigger size because he thought it looked best. At the time I was a little freaked out when he told me this, because like I said I didn’t want to be too big or fake-looking at all……..
Now I am almost 9 weeks post-op and I cannot express how happy I am he made the decision he did!!! The implant size he chose is the PERFECT size that is totally proportionate to my figure. They aren’t even fully settled yet, but everyone I know tells me they look beautifully natural and that if they didn’t know me personally, they would have never of thought I had boob job!!! I am so pleased with my results so far and feel so much more confident in my body  🙂
I am so impressed with Dr Phan……he is incredibly talented and has an amazing aesthetic eye for what he does! He has met and exceeded all my expectations. I was definitely scared before the surgery and after during recovery, but he was very reassuring and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. If I ever needed anything I could text or call him directly and he got back to me very shortly to answer my questions…..
If your looking for a surgeon you can trust to really listen to your goals and help you achieve them, go see Dr Phan!!!

Bao Phan

Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD