Dr Phan is an Artist

Dr. Phan is not just a plastic surgeon, he is an Artist. He replaced my ruptured saline implant with the new Ideal Saline implant. During surgery Dr. Phan needed to remove my scarred tissue and also fix my existing pocket that holds the implant as the prior surgeon cut it crooked. His attention to detail shows in his work and I am glad he is a perfectionist. I’m so happy and could not be more pleased with the results of my surgery. Scarring is minimal to none, recovery was excellent my breasts are symmetrical and I was back to work within a week. Thank you, Dr. Phan, staff (Amber, Shay) and Ed, (CRNA) for the follow up call to see how my recovery was going. Dr. Phan was also available by phone (text/call) 24/7 after my surgery to answer all my questions and concerns. Dr. Phan is a caring, knowledgeable and skilled surgeon. I am lucky, blessed and honored to be his patient and I hope he is around to do another breast augmentation in the next 8-10 years!


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD