By far the best Plastic surgeon on island! 

I couldn’t have picked a better surgeon! I’ve had my fare share of consults but it never felt right. That is until I found Dr. Phan! Dr Phan and his staff are absolutely amazing! From the moment I walked into his office I knew I found the perfect surgeon! Being in the medical field I knew every part of the puzzle had to fit in order to achieve the best result not only aesthetically but surgically. Just because a doctor claims he’s a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean he’s a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON! With that being said PLEASE do your research! Make sure the facility/ anesthesiologist are certified. It may seem like it’s a given but I found 1 that definitely wasn’t certified which was referred in his price. I had a mommy makeover which in my case included a full tummy tuck and liposuction. To be honest I was prepared for a lot of pain/discomfort but to my surprise I didn’t have any! Dr Phans use of a pain pump eliminated the use of oral pain meds. I pretty much took over the counter Tylenol for my discomfort. One thing I truly appreciated was Docs honesty as it set the tone for realistic expectations. Being 35 yrs old and 185lbs(prior to surgery) I knew a tummy tuck and lipo wasn’t going to fix my abdominal area 100% but all I wanted was for that area to be more functional. With the help of Dr Phan I definitely exceeded my goal! He removed 6lbs from my tummy and 4 from my hips!! Now I’m only 10lbs from my ideal weight!! I can’t believe how amazing everything looks!


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD