I had a breast lift (mastopexy) with Dr. Phan. I finally decided to go under the knife and so so happy I did! I think and rethink absolutely anything that I do a million times. I was so anxious to have just anyone do this procedure. I had been putting it off for awhile and I knew I wanted to have some form of augmentation to my breasts but was busy with kids and work and everything else that goes along with living a busy life. A little history – I always felt like my breasts were too large, I was a 34 double D in high school and after 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding and pumping for almost 4 years (I breast fed each baby exclusively for a little over a year), my breasts looked like two deflated stretched out bags. I’m also very athletic – I love running and hiking and working out and large breasts just get in the way! My breasts were really in a sad state! I swear they tripled in size every time I got pregnant! I wasn’t sure if I wanted implants along with a lift. I needed some expert advice. I started to look for and schedule different consults. I live in Hawaii and was not happy with the local surgeon on my Island that did the procedure I was looking for. He had terrible reviews, so I started searching elsewhere in Hawaii and found Dr. Phan in Oahu. He had excellent reviews and very happy patients. He also did consults on my Island. I made an appointment and met with him. I immediately knew he was an excellent Doctor after first meeting him. He was kind and intelligent. I could see his confidence and knowledge was top notch. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and explained to me that with a breast lift, he felt I wouldn’t need implants, especially if I was a runner. He felt I would have more than enough breast tissue to be happy with my post lift size. He never pushed any procedure on me and left the decision making totally up to me. He made sure all my questions were answered and concerns addressed. I met with him a few times before finally deciding to take the plunge. He’s incredible! And believe it or not, the whole process of traveling off Island to Oahu and having the procedure done and staying at a hotel post-op went incredibly smooth. We made it into a little staycation for the kids and they loved it. I had minimal to zero post-op pain, and I am healing well. I’m now about 3 months post op and I feel like I have my high school breasts back! I can’t begin to tell you how much of a confidence boost this has been and how happy I am! It really has changed my confidence level and how I feel about myself. I’m also so glad that I decided to not have implants placed, I love the natural breast, and all my clothing and cute bras fit me perfectly now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Phan for your excellent work and for not pushing me to have implants! Thank you for responding to every concern so quickly and kindly. Hawaii is so incredibly lucky to have a skilled and kind surgeon like you. If you are reading this and looking for the best surgeon for you, and have anxiety or fear of surgery, than Dr. Phan is the one for you! You won’t regret it!

Bao Phan

Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD