I am excited to share my experience with the new INFINI Microneedle Fractional RF procedure administered by Dr. Phan to treat the loose skin on my neck and jowl area. Wow what an experience, I am thrilled with the results and it’s only been about 4 days! The main part of the treatment took perhaps 45 minutes and with just a numbing system. The pain level was on the medium side and was not a problem especially keeping the end result in mind. Afterwards the area was red and a bit tender but that’s it. I went on to go shopping right afterwards. The next day there was a tiny bit of swelling that only I could notice and the redness had disappeared by 50%, I put on some sunscreen and makeup to cover up the redness that was left. Now it is day 4 and I can really see results!! The neck area is tighter and less crepy, the redness is completely gone and it makes a difference in my whole look – I am so happy! This treatment is a great alternative to surgery and I’m planning an annual treatment now to keep my neck looking good. Its so easy, no downtime and yet HUGE results. I have had other treatments with Dr. Phan which were fantastic, but specific treatments for the neck area were always the missing piece to the total look. They say you can tell a womans age by her neck – well not anymore with this new INFINI microneedling treatment with Dr. Phan. BTW If you have never met Dr. Phan he is a skilled and talented doctor with sincere care for his patients. He is Board Certified, a man of character and his goal is to make his patients look great. I trust him 100%.


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD