An Amazing Alternative

I had been considering breast implants for awhile but was hesitant to go ahead due to all the possible complications and the need for follow up surgeries years down the road.  I was fascinated when I came across Dr. Phan’s groundbreaking fat transfer procedure!  This process eliminated all the arguments that had prevented me from moving forward (little chance for rejection -since your own fat is used, no follow up MRIs, removal surgeries, etc…) and added the extra benefit of body contouring at the same time!  Dr. Phan, his staff and facility were all amazing!  The recovery period was short and easy.  The results (volume, softness and getting rid of those extra love handles) were far better than I had ever imagined – and all natural!!!   I am so thankful Dr. Phan brought this option to Hawaii!  If you want results without the “complications”-definitely consider this alternative with Dr. Phan’s office!  You won’t regret it!” (H. from Honolulu, Google review)


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD