I have been seeing Dr. Phan for a few months now, and every experience from the first visit until now has been nothing short of amazing. Dr. Phan himself is extremely professional as well as knowledgeable, and will give you his honest opinion of what he thinks you may need/not need done. This is a fine balance, between listening to what the patient wants and the plastic surgeon’s expert opinion. Dr. Phan has mastered balance, leaving me a happy customer with my needs always full-filled. He has gone above and beyond for me as a patient, checking up on me personally after treatment, suggesting new products, ordering something for me if I request it. I doubt i will ever need to find another plastic surgeon on the island. Also, HIS STAFF IS AMAZING. I think many plastic surgeons underestimate the power of a kind and well trained staff. They are the first people you come into contact with upon an appointment, and how the staff treats you can truly make or break your experience, as we all know getting “work done” can at times be uncomfortable. His staff has scheduled appointments for me with ease, have ALWAYS made be feel completely comfortable, and genuinely seem like they are concerned for your well being. Seriously, they are the best!!


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD