Amazing Results

It was very good. He is very informative. There are different options he presents that you may be a candidate for.
Dr. Phan is an artist at work. He has had years of experience and you will learn that on your free consultation. He has worked on the two other islands for those many years. He is quite vested in his clinic. In fact, he has the only “Infini” machine in the islands.
He is a very rare physician who uses your own fat as fillers which last for 10 years! That is possible depending on the procedures you are a candidate for. It is less expensive and last much longer than those chemical fillers.
I had just finished my post-op review. I saw my pre and post pictures. They were amazing.
His staff in very kind and patient with the many questions you may have. The surgical staff is proficient and professional.
I took years to find this doctor because I saw his wonderful work on a very close friend on the island of Maui. He only has recently moved to Oahu, the last few years. He was partnered with another doctor which made it difficult to find Dr. Phan.
I’m glad a waited and finally was able to find him!


Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Bao L. Phan MD